Best Albums Of 2015

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- It is that time of the year . . .

1: Kamasi Washington 
15: Roomful of Teeth
21: PRISM Quartet
26: NOW Ensemble
45: So Percussion
68: John Luther Adams



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    The internet seems undecided whether In C Mali (his #19) was released in 2014 or 2015 (and discogs has entries for both dates). I had assumed the former and so had not been considering it for my list...

    I have two from that list, and unlike last year (which the Gioia list prompted several purchases) there is not a huge amount that tempts me all that much on first read except the Mehldau box set, which I had missed.
  • I only have one from his list (K.Dot), but have listened to Kamasi a few times and enjoy it.  It's just too long for me.

    Stereogum: I have 20/50
    SPIN: I have 19/50

  • Stereogum: 38 - 35 
    SPIN: 28

    - For both lists: I hardly know of any of the names
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    I have one from each list which is also the one from Gioia that is not In C Mali...Sufjan Stevens, which I finally bought yesterday (and I therefore just squeaked in as being one fiftieth hip).
    I tried with Kamasi. I really liked a couple tracks, but the whole kind of overwhelmed my ears.
  • I actually don't have the Sufjan.  It just hasn't clicked with me like it has a lot of people.  I enjoy it, but...meh.

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    Textura lists. More promising ground for me.

    ...but I only have one, their No.40 entry (Goldmund) which I think may be a lot higher on my list.
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    Tiny Mix Tapes. This one goes all the way to 283!
    • Sufjan again, but good also to see a mention for: 
    • Ian William Craig - Cradle for the Wanting, which will be on my list. 
    • Rafael Anton Irisarri - A Fragile Geography might also make my list - need to give it some more listens.
    Have been thinking of maybe checking out the Mark McGuire, though more because I loved Emeralds than because any of his solo work has really thrilled me so far. I also note albums I missed that I should check out by Lawrence English, Kammerflimmer Kollektief, and Flying Saucer Attack.

    Interesting list.

  • It's not actually a year end list.  It's every album they reviewed this year in order of score.

    Still some good stuff, though.

  • And now because of the 50% off an album at Google Play noted in the Amazon Deals thread, I have one more of both Stereogum's and SPIN's lists.

  • "It's not actually a year end list."
    Right, pretty close to it in effect though by this time of the year. 
  • Yeah, but opinions on albums can easily change over the course of a year.  Some albums stick with you and grow, others you quickly forget about.  Plus, the review is written by one person, but these sites tend to compile data from multiple people for year end.

    So I'd guess that their actual year end list will look much different.

  • Gioia's list is perfect for me - Eclectic but jazz-centric.  I staked out Kamasi at the eMu messboard last week...I'm interested in seeing if Gioia has reviewed it anywhere.  I think part of what makes it special is that it's such a beautiful mess, succeeding by excess.  It certainly helps if you're plugged into old spiritual jazz, as I am.

    But even if not, I think it reflects a new sound of jazz by younger artists who grew up in the hip-hop milieu. It permeates more organically, compared to some more self-conscious "crossover" efforts I have heard.  The Makaya McCraven stuff I posted earlier today might be another example.

    Lots of other stuff I want to check out, such as the Tallis Scholars taking on Arvo Part!
  • Complex: I have 17/50

    I find this one interesting because Complex is much more hip hop/r&b focused than most, but they have Vince Staples in the 30s, where Stereogum and SPIN (and me when I get it done) have him much, much higher.

  • Doofy said:

    Lots of other stuff I want to check out, such as the Tallis Scholars taking on Arvo Part!
    Which one is that ?
  • From Ted Gioia's a few that are not on my SFL list. 

    16 Roomful of Teeth, Render
    19 Africa Express, Terry Riley's In C Mali  
    36 Anonymous 4, 1865 - Songs of Hope and Home from the American Civil War   
    37 The Decemberists, What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World   
    47 Omar Souleyman, Bahdeni Nami   
    58 Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell  
    60 Bob Dylan, Shadows in the Night  
    68 John Luther Adams, The Wind in High Places 
  • I have just downloaded the Anneli Drecker album , listened to the samples on e music and got it. Thanks guys for posting

    The lowlife 2015 best of is starting to take shape,Mr Washington is rather high on the list

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    Nine from the Ted Gioila list, including Kumasi Washington. Also a few I'm going to check out. Only three from Stereogum, and two from Spin. No surprise there at all.
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    I've got 9 from Gioia's list, which is quite high compared to previous years:
    8. "Spin Cycle" - Afiara Quartet & Skratch Bastid
    9. "Liaisons" - Anthony de Mare
    15. "Render" - Roomful of Teeth
    26. "Dreamfall" - NOW Ensemble
    36. "1865" - Anonymous 4
    37. "What a Terrible World..." - Decemberists
    40. "Pärt: Tintinnabuli" - Tallis Scholars
    45. "Dessner: Music for Wood & Strings" - So Percussion
    68. "The Wind in High Places" - John Luther Adams
  • Oh, also if you're interested in classical, MusicWeb has its reviewers' albums of the year:
  • image

    NPR is inviting people to vote for their top 5 albums of the year.  Adele a prohibitive favorite, I would think.  

  • Well, on another NPR page about the best albums of the year, commenting on the Adele album:
    ""The overall response and reviews to this record were really very mixed across the board. I expected universal love and if you go to a site like Metacritic and look at the average, the average score is basically a C for this." --Robin Hilton"
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    I'll still take her against the field. She sold 1.5 million copies. On the first day.
  • The NHL All Star Vote is going perfectly.

  • If it goes ahead, it will be interesting to see how the other players on his team handle it - will there be lots of instances of the other two trying to set Scott up for scoring chances? Will the other team bother to defend him?

    Of course the fact that I am even mildly interested means this is already a win for the NHL.
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    For roots/americana fans the No Depression list[/url] is the big one.  Voting is opening until Dec 30 but you can see the current list and others' ballots.

    Thanks for the Kamasi Washington rec Doofy, I got it and really like it. (I am KlavdiaVavilova over on the boards now since eMu randomly cancelled my main account for a credit card problem, which neither I nor my credit card company was aware existed ....)

  • Doofy said "I'll still take her against the field. She sold 1.5 million copies. On the first day. "

    If I was a betting person, I'd put money on 25 being the best selling album of 2016 as well as 2015, if I could get odds. The reviews have been OK, that's all, but her fans love it.

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    My bet is on the NPR poll, since the album just came out. As to sales for the year, I'd be loath to bet against Taylor.

    And yet, looking at the Amazon pop best sellers, three versions of "25" are no. 1, no. 7 (vinyl), and no. 20 (deluxe CD).  "21" is no. 5, and "19" is no. 13.  You go, girl.
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    CPR Classical's Favorite Releases Of 2015 

    I have 3 of them:
    Roomful of Teeth
    John Luther Adams
    Eighth Blackbird
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