Pearls before swine

Hey they did it again, placing a world class violinist in a train station to see what happens

Does anyone remember when they did this a few years ago

There were a couple of threads using the same title as this thread at the old place but I no longer have access there.
It would be nice to look at the comments can you still access those threads.



    Sorry, should have been posted on "Those Were The Days"
  • Well, there was this one - Pearls before busy swine
  • That Stevie song is pretty much the major influence on my religious views.

    Next is:

  • Thanks confused, that is the thread I was thinking about.  Someone else put one up mere seconds after mine went up but I think mine became the thread of record since it was first.

    Its sad to look at this place now and compare it to how vibrant we once were.  We were social media before social media was cool and now look at us.

    Where are all those people now

    And what has become of the old place?  Has it gotten any better or is it still just mostly bitchin and moanin about the same old things.

  • The board at the other place is pretty much content requests tat the moment, and notification of sales. Two for one booster sales are almost constant so there are great deals to be had on music. Community, not so much.
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