Tour the Force on Electronic Frequencies

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Tonight at 23.00 CET: Concertzender

29-07-2015 Electronic Frequencies
Tour de Force

At the fourth of July, the start of the Tour the France 2015 was launched from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Homebase of the Concertzender.
Not only the cyclists but also composers, performers and equipment have created some amazing achievements with bicycles.

Dick Raaijmakers | Godfried Willem Raes | Roland Emile Kuit

1/ Grafische Methode Fiets/The Graphic Method Bicycle(1979) - Dick Raaijmakers
2/ Zingende fietsen/Singing Bicycles(1976) - Godfried-Willem Raes
3/ De onmogelijke fiets/The impossible bicycle(2015) - Roland Emile Kuit

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