The Beatles; All You Need is Heutagogy

This is really a slide show about learning, but I thought some here might be interested in it. See If you do not know what Heutogogy is it will explain - I didn't know!!


  • Interesting, thanks Greg!
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    Maybe I'm in a bah humbug mood this morning but  it seems like kind of a labored way of saying that once you get really good at something with the help of others you become capable of modifying it on your own.

    Haven't read the book but the couple of slideshows I looked at seem torn between suggesting heutagogy is a third phase after pedagogy and andragogy (in which case the first two phases are needed to reach the level of competence to become innovative) and suggesting that we need to replace pedagogy with heutagogy because the internet.

    ETA, greg I did not mean that to sound rude about you posting it - it was interesting, I just went straight to whether the theory was illuminating!
  • Off on a tangent as usual, but Prof's response reminds me of that  book from ~4 years ago ("Groundswell"?) that was predicting revolutionary social changes as citizens combined their knowledge and coordinated action on the Internet, instead of spending so much time watching TV.  As it turns out, people are using the Internet to discuss (and watch) the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

  • And that's just the highbrow part of the internet.
  • Oh. I just liked the quick Beatles history and that it pointed out It's All Too Much, which I'm not familiar with...

    Some people have done revolutionary things with the internet and new sources of information and communication. But the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

    Which really I shouldn't quote because I knew the quote but not who said it or why. (Ok, I had an idea who said it but my first thought was Marx (not Groucho)). But, the internet.
  • ...or the Kardashians, pick yr poison.  I falsely accused "Groundswell," that's just about marketing in the social media era..."Cognitive Surplus" is the one I was thinking of.  
  • I must admit, whilst finding the general progression on learning quite useful, for me the main interest was some of the links for the Beatles' history, including the discussions on some of the songs.
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