Rolling "how was the snow" thread

In center of the universe news today, it snowed in New York.

Well, how was it?


  • It snowed in New York!?! Why didn't anyone tell me!?!

  • Sunny and clear upstate, and a relatively warm 16 degrees.
  • 19 inches of "Super Snow"...5th biggest snow in Chicago history.

    My wife walking in the blizzard last night

  • 5-6 inches and counting here.
  • We didn't get anything in Minne-snow-ta.

    You can actually see the ground in many places. It looks horrible.
  • edited February 2015
    6.4 inches here, a record for February 1 apparently. Snow day for my daughter; not for me.
    ETA, updated to 7.2 inches.
  • We had about an inch on Friday, but virtually all gone now. Not enough to close schools much to the disappointment of my six year old granddaughter who wanted to stay at home to play in it!
  • Apparently all hell has broken loose in the civilized world as there is no bread or milk to be had in the continental United States.

    Time for reports from the field
  • Here in Pennsylvania we got close to a foot and a half. Still snowing and the winds are picking up. Snow, strong wind and lots of trees (which is what "Pennsylvania" means) will get you to cross your fingers that the power stays on.

    That's the current status sir! *salutes*
  • I went to take my standard morning pee and looked out the window to see to white specs swirling around outside.  My first thought through the morning grogginess was "shit the dryer vent is clogged again".  But wait, I'm not drying any clothes.  I looked down and there was a slight accumulation on my patio table.

    I ran outside and made a little tiny snowball.  Eh, so much for snowmageddon!

    Yeah Craig, that is hilarious.

    DataGuy, thanks for reminding me why I don't live in the northeast.
  • Okay - who's bright idea was it to add sleet to the mix? Speak up! I want to complain (I'd link to the video but you already know the bit by heart).

    Also, you can turn the snow off now. Much more and I'll have to start brushing snow off various roof surfaces - bit of a drag that....
  • Plenty of snow on the ground, but beautiful sunny day. hope it stays that way - flying tomorrow.
  • Upstate New York - we got nothing from this storm, although we have a few inches on the ground from the last week or so.
  • Ten degrees C and sunny in the Netherlands. No snow in sight. Nice to see grass.
  • Warm in London, due to get the storm but rail instead of snow
  • We got a bit over 2 feet. They are calling for rain soon. Oh boy, ice covered snow mountains along the sides of the roads (only plowed to 1 1/2 lanes wide).
  • GP - one think will you notice in  Western Europe is that there has not been much winter so far, really just a wet extension of Autumn. December was the wettest on record here, but also the warmest December too. So things will be green and well advanced. Enjoy the Netherlands, you are of course, used to flatness!

  • Indeed. It looks just like where I grew up.
  • Places north of a line from Pittsburgh to Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Boston totally escaped the Blizzard of 2016. Congrats if that fits you!

    Sounds like later this week the I-95 corridor and New England could get more snow....
  • In the last 15 minutes the really heavy rain has reached us. That, we are told, is part of the same weather system that dumped all the snow on the Eastern Seaboard last weekend!
  • This thread title almost made me spray coffee out my nose. In Houston so far the only snow comes on a paper cone with brightly colored syrup. 
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