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  • The lead is shrinking!  Dang, Cookie Cart.

    (And thanks!)
  • @Germanprof P4K has released a list of the top 50 ambient albums of all time.

    How wrong are they?

  • Done, keeping you a nose ahead of the cookies.
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    cafreema said:
    @Germanprof P4K has released a list of the top 50 ambient albums of all time.

    How wrong are they?

    Well, I'm certainly no authority when it comes to Ambient Music, heck, I don't really even know how to describe it. Although I only have 3 of the albums mentioned, I do have 31 of the artists in my library and have enjoyed them all. Not bad, considering Eno was mentioned a few times (I only have Music for Airports  on vinyl as 1 of my 3. The others are Robert Ashley and David Behrman. I'll look forward to some more exploring (next booster sale) and Germanprof's picks.
    Ps- Sorry Craig, although I have a facebook, I never use it. It's too confusing.
  • No list will probably satisfy folks completely,
    but I'm happily surprised by its diversity.
    So many of those were ones that I grew up with -
    spreading the word to grade and high school friends.
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    rostasi said:
    No list will probably satisfy folks completely,
    but I'm happily surprised by its diversity.

    Yeah, a  good and versatile list wth the majority posted on various threads at Emusers.
    Eg, the newly rereleased Suzanne Ciani - Buchla Concerts 1975 album. (39)

    I will use it as an inspiration to revisit some of the brilliant albums . . . Thanks !
  • cafreema said:
    @Germanprof P4K has released a list of the top 50 ambient albums of all time.

    How wrong are they?

    Oh, totally wrong :-)

    Seriously, for all that I have a pretty large collection of ambient music, I probably only have about ten of those albums. It's like a list of the best "rock" albums that would include everything from, say, the Beatles to speed metal. There's several whole sectors of music called "ambient" that I don't really care for. So my list would look a lot different.

    I think they got the right Eno albums - Airports is not my favorite but I get its role. (And Eno is not my favorite but I get his role - I would put his albums very high on "important" but a lot less high on "best").
    I would probably flip the order on the two SOTL albums.
    I have never been able to work up much enthusiasm for Aphex Twin, but the album certainly seems to have been important.
    Ditto the Basinski (I prefer his Aurora Liminalis, but I get that it's not nearly as culturally important).
    I am not a Oneohtrix Point Never fan (and would certainly not have spared two entries). 
    The Oliveros et. al. is a good one, nice to see that high up there. Biosphere should be higher.
    Gas should be lower.

    No Taylor Deupree. There's not only his music ('Faint' would be near the top of this list for me, probably top 5) but his extensive influence through 12k records and all his production work for others.
    No Pete Namlook or Tetsu Inoue (!!!?@??!! I know that some other names below are just my tastes, but surely these two need at least a mention on a list like this?). 
    No Wil Bolton.
    No Porya Hatami.
    No Janek Schaefer.
    No Pjusk.
    No Deaf Center. (I didn't check all the way through - is that list too US-centric?).
    No Illuha.  
    No Lawrence English. 
    No Rafael Anton Irisarri.
    No Alva Noto or Ryuichi Sakamoto. (I think I would put Xerrox 2 in the top 10, maybe top 5).
    No Stephan Mathieu.
    Pole maybe.
    Those are just a few names I would want to see in the mix somewhere.

    Your fault, you asked :-).
  • Fault!? I'm glad I asked!  Thanks for the info.  I actually prefer lists on things I don't know a ton about because it helps me explore.  Lists in areas I know are basically just an excuse to make playlists in ways I wouldn't otherwise.

    (As an aside, everyone can vote in the non profit poll again today! :smiley: )

  •  An approved message from Aphex Twin:
    Aphex Twin headlines Day For Night Festival in Houston, Texas on 17 December.
    Tickets and info –
  • For the election here...


    SEM Ensemble
    Musica Elettronica

    *Following a tradition started more than 30 years ago, the S.E.M. Ensemble, under the artistic direction of Petr Kotik, returns to Paula Cooper Gallery to present its annual holiday concert in the gallery setting of Mark di Suvero’s abstract sculptures.

    Friday December 9, 2016 @ 8pm
    Paula cooper Gallery, 534 West 21st Street
    New York

  • Not sure where to put this,
    but I got this email message this morning:
    Just a quick note to say that Sun Ra shipped your order and it's now on its way:

    Talk about intergalactic service!

  • Hopefully there won't be any increased activity in the Asteroid Belt to delay holiday shipping
  • Vinyl sales made more than downloads last week

    This I find amazing - in the UK last week vinyl outsold downloads. It may of course indicate that sites like Spotify mean many people now no longer own their music but just stream. But it is interesting that vinyl is the choice not CDs. 

    Grammy nomination for Dacapo

    The New York Philharmonic's Christopher Rouse CD nominated for a Grammy.

    When the American Grammy committee announced this year’s nominees for the prestigious awards, on Tuesday, the New York Philharmonic was among the nominees in the category ‘Best Orchestral Performance’ for its recording of orchestral works by Christopher Rouse

  • Phillips holding two fretless zithers which he apparently played on his records

    The fascinating story of Washington Phillips, a peddler, part-time preacher and gospel singer, here with his "fretless zither"
  • Hamiet Bluiett recovery - funding
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    The Flaming Lips - How??

    Official Music Video for "How??" From The New Flaming Lips album 'Oczy Mlody' available January 13th, 2017

    The Flaming Lips - The Castle

  • From The Guardian:

    U2 delay new album release after Trump win: 'The world is a different place'

    U2 has decided to delay their upcoming album after the surprise victory of Donald Trump, band members said in an interview, as they plan to reconsider certain songs in the wake of a Trump presidency.

    Speaking with Rolling Stone, guitarist the Edge said that the band was placing the album’s release on hold and taking some “breathing space” to consider what they wanted to say following Trump’s ascension to the White House.

    “We just went, ‘Hold on a second – we’ve got to give ourselves a moment to think about this record and about how it relates to what’s going on in the world,’” the guitarist said.

    The 40-year-old group were set to release their 14th studio album, Songs of Experience, which the Edge said was completed toward the end of last year. He explained that most of it was was written in early 2016 or before then. “Now, as I think you’d agree, the world is a different place,” he said.

    The group have made their views on Trump known. At the iHeartRadio music festival in September, Bono used lyrics from their song Desire to make pointed remarks about the then presidential nominee. He also told a virtual Trump, “You’re fired,” at an October benefit concert.

    Speaking to Charlie Rose in September, Bono said that Trump is “trying to hijack the idea of America”.

    The Edge described Trump’s win as a “pendulum [that] has suddenly just taken a huge swing in the other direction”. The group are gearing up for a tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their album The Joshua Tree, and he said that things have somewhat come full circle since the album’s release during the Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher era of transatlantic politics.

    “It was a period when there was a lot of unrest,” he said. “It feels like we’re right back there in a way.” The Edge also suggested that the group might write additional songs as they reconsider if the album’s content is “really was what we wanted to say”.

    From the comments:

    How many members of U2 does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Just Bono. He holds the lightbulb and waits for the world to revolve around him.

  • That can actually work, though, if you're standing on the North or South Pole and the light socket is mounted on one of those fancy new inertial field dampeners.
  • Everything is Terrific: The Bandcamp 2016 Year in Review - I think this is entirely due to
  • Could be! I am just sent an e mail to E Music management concerning the lack of response to requests from the message board especially the Warp saga, now ironically waiting from a response from them, will be interesting to see what they come up with.
  • Re: Bandcamp
    In an environment in which streaming, for all its growth, is, I am told, still losing money for pretty much everyone, and the ever-wobbling emusic is close to the last one standing of the past raft of non-big-three digital download outlets (MTraks, Limewire, Amoeba [Still there but gone physical only], Amiestreet, Lala, Guvera [barely still there in AU but losing money at a good rate from what I read], etc)...this seems like quite significant news. 

    ...We’ll therefore continue to build on a model that compensates artists fairly and puts them in control of their data...
    ...we just had our 17th straight profitable quarter, while also increasing our staff by 43% last year...

  • Received an email from emusic this morning. Apparently I downloaded 987  songs last year, representing 98 different artists. No surprises there, though, as I have 100 tracks per month, but was on hold for 3 months, but towards the end of the year I did buy some boosters. 
  • As GP said above the ever-wobbling emusic , I am wondering about yet another booster sale. Presumably this is to give their sales figures a boost, but it is now becoming a monthly event. This one is only lasting a week or so. But i will probably get one, just to catch up on my SFL that has had a number of new additions in recent weeks.
  • Emusic told me I had downloaded 2540 songs in 2016 and listened to 290 different artists last year. That is alot of mis-priced box sets...

    The joke's on them, I do not always listen to those daily downloads. 
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    Just 986 for me - what a piker. My favorite artist is 'Various Artists,' which is certainly true. Most encouraging is the list of new releases I might be interested in, which seems pretty on target:
    - Howe Gelb - Future Standards (January)
    - Matthew Shipp Trio - Piano Song (January)
    - Nate Smith - Kinfolk: Postcards From Everywhere (February)

    eta, That Matthew Shipp album comes out tomorrow; I have read he is going to stop recording
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     1048 songs
    On average, fans in your community downloaded 416 songs. . . . In what community ? Europe perhaps.

    You listened to 162 different artists last year

    Volcano the Bear stole the prize for your top artist listened to in our cloud player.
    - probably because of the number of tracks.

    Your 2016 anthem: Power On 
    - From this album (posted on Emusic, oct. 2015). I wonder how they figured that one out.
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