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So, I once posted on the IDMF forum, a site where they discuss electronic music. I can't recall what search terms brought up the forum as a result, but the discussion thread in particular was one of those "hey, I like this kind of jazz, what else should I be listening to" topics. I believe I suggested Nils Potter Molvaer, Kammerflimmer Kollektief and probably something else that was a mix of ambient & mid-tempo. I enjoy making recs on random sites. There's some obscure dancing blog, god, I don't even know if I could ever find it again, but it came up on some google search with a similar what-else-should-I-be-listening-to question, and, of course, I gave an answer. I think I recommended Ramsey Lewis "Sun Goddess." Anyways, I digress.

The IDMF forum sends me the occasional email, usually promoting something the forum is doing. Harmless stuff. Well, as it turns out, they have a netlabel, and I decided to give their new release a listen. It's not bad. Ambient, sparse piano and the hum of synths and effects. Good early morning or late at night music. There's a whole bunch of other albums on their Bandcamp page. I don't know how many of them are NYOP, but their newest one is.

Anyways, they seem like nice people at that site, so I decided to share the link. I have to admit, I'm rater enjoying this. I might download it and throw a couple bucks into the till.



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    I was just browsing the Electronic category (not much used) and found this:

    Very nice. this is more electro acustic than electronic

    There's also a Kris Cadwell  album (known from Just Not Normal)

    - Many thanks to @jonahpwll !
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