the only band that matters thread

to do this proper i should emded the first 15 seconds of "this is radio clash" as the mechanism to start this thread.

the band is in the r+r hall of fame
joe strummer is dead
there's a dozen or so documentaries out there
sandinista = their middle period

please chime in.


  • Greetings Sir,
    - Always a pleasure with a visit from you.

    Am I the only one who have no clue what this post is about ?
    - Besides these guys:
  • I'm not sure either BN. However, I'll seize this opportunity for some shameless self-promotion. I interviewed Joe Strummer many years ago and recently wrote about it and posted a link to the interview on my website. Anyone interested can find it here
  • no apologies necessary. good questions and then you stayed out of the way. perfect.

    certainly an interesting time to catch "the clash". although there is just no getting around the fabric of THE MUSIC was ushered out of the band with mick + topper exiting. highly encourage viewing the r+r induction comments contrasted with the rise and fall of the clash documentary. things just don't add up and maybe distance between the two points in time has all to do with it.

    while i have a buttload of clash recordings i still fall prey to my library catalog...a 2 disc set called the clash hits back was in stock so i grabbed it and have been playing it around the clock at the expense of my other pick-ups. i mean you play 2 discs of the clash and then give likke li a spin and you go right back to clash and return the other to the library.

    i mean, krrriiiiiiiiiist. who starts off a song like "this is radio clash"??? who else constructs "ghetto defendant"??? as emotive as "let me tell you about your blood, bamboo kid. it ain't coca-cola, it's rice." is, the music to "straight to hell" is equally vital.

    there is so much to the clash and its just sitting by the side of the curb these days. there really only is one band that matters. clink.
  • i was trying to think "what's the US equivalent?" and black flag was the band which came to mind. (which stinks because black flag is like mickey mouse)

    but in playing the X card, you've opened a whirling dirvish within a whirling dirvish.


    i caught X 2x and would see them again in a heartbeat. just heard a live outtake recently - just a few tracks by them recorded in the past few months (the satellite radio channels love this added programming) and John prefaced one song as a source of individual pride - it's endureance truly resonates with him. SEE HOW WE ARE.

    what really could use some exploring in these parts is the connection to Chris D and the Divine Horsemen era. if i recall, this was a bunch of dark catholicism set to garage quality music. am i wrong???

  • X is an amazing live band. I've seen them 3 or 4 times in the past ten years, never saw them back in the day but can't imagine they were better then. Great vocals, top-notch musicianship, and they ROCK. Saw The Unheard Music documentary, which is well worth checking out to see how they were. Exene has MS, so I suspect she'll have to stop touring at some point, but catch them while you can.
  • Being from LA, I not only saw X play 5 times, I also hung out with Billy Zoom once. I could say I am loyal.
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