Really interesting excerpt from a book about the Anthology of American Folk Music

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I have a feeling that a number of folks here will find this very interesting:

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  • @C-ma Thanks for posting that... Thoroughly enjoyed that read. I'm definitely not on the 'folk' wagon but while reading this article became somewhat intrigued by this 'mythical' box set and as a result may need to ferret it out at some point to see what, if anything, it 'does' for me. Will I see the light? Or will I remain indifferent and continue down my own meandering path of musical mayhem?
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    Very interesting, Craig. Thank you.
    And for anyone else who bought in August,2012, the 251 track Folk On A Summer's Love collection that was briefly mispriced at eMu, who like myself never got around to re-tagging (was all Various Artists), here's a CD universe link with partial Track and Artist listings (only 159 out of 251), which is a start at least. Careful, it skips the occasional track too. BT had said the box seemed to be Smithsonian Folkways albums. I'll see if I can find a complete listing - edit, not going well there. Oh, and those 159 tracks are $7.59 there.
  • Luddite - The entire thing is a playlist on Spotify. I listened to it in full and thoroughly enjoyed it, despite also not being on the folk wagon.

  • I think this compilation has all the songs, although in different order, which defeats the purpose and/or is a fun re-tagging project. $16 at amazon; I think maybe cheaper at emu.
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    American Folk Music is $8.99 at 7digital. I am having a deja vuish about that review at Amazon, but I'm not home. Definitely worth a go. Edit - yeah, I have that, from 7dig. No wonder it was deja vu. Played a few tunes last night - good stuff.
    It's $11.98 at eMu.
  • I have the Smithsonian CD box, probably listened to the whole thing once when it came out. It's definitely weird, and I've always assumed I'd go back to it for a deeper dive at some point. The article was great, and I'm momentarily inspired to give it a go. I am most definitely not a folkie, though.
  • Where Dead Voices Cary - a blog that has all of the Anthology, for listen or download (as m4a) and volume 4, and a lot of info about each track.
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