eMusers gift guide - Favorite recent guitar album?

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So every Xmas, I send a good new guitar album to my nephew and his dad. But nothing's leaping to mind this year.

Any suggestions? Last year was Jeff Parker, year before that was Marc Ribot. Bonus points for something with brick & mortar CD availabilty, as time is running short!


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    Perhaps they'd like Chris Forsyth's Solar Motel or William Tyler's Impossible Truth? Or in Blues, Joe Bonamassa's An Acoustic Evening at The Vienna Opera House (the DVD version might be particularly welcome) or Samantha Fish's Black Wind Howlin'?
  • I second BT's genre question.

    I can certainly recommend some new guitar albums, but they would be *slightly* different than the artists you list.

  • Kid is singer-songwriter-y...He actually gets quite a pretty, ringing sound out of his guitar, which is what led me to the choices above. (Of course Ribot can get any sound he wants out of a guitar!)

    Prev genres have been jazz or jazzish b/c that's what I follow, but that's open. I guess if alt/indie, something a college frosh wouldn't necessarily have stumbled across.
  • So you are looking for a guitar based album, not necessarily instrumental but with serious playing, that would appeal to someone into acoustic music?
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    BT, I would totally buy an album of that description!

    Christ Forsyth is sounding awesome...http://www.aquariumdrunkard.com/2013/10/22/chris-forsyth-solar-motel/
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    Probably way off from what you are looking for, however . . .
    something a college frosh wouldn't necessarily have stumbled across.
    - Not recently released (2010) but always a favourite of mine and could possibly expand anyone's perception of what can be done with an electric guitar hooked up with all kinds of sound altering devices.
    ETA: the free title track is a good listening suggestion.
  • My personal pick would be Nathan Salsburg's Hard for to win and Can't be Won. Salsburg is the current curator for the Lomax archives, and he has a really deep sense of American folk styles. Even though he plays acoustic and is somewhat conservative, he doesn't sound dated or "old," IMO. However, I think of this as a great idea album. It probably would not resonate with a teenager off the bat, but would make him think about styles and arrangements.

    OTOH, I would think Solar Motel would strike an immediate chord, so to speak.
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    Eric Hofbauer - "American Grace"
    This is the third in guitarist Hofbauer's "American Trilogy" (on the heels of American Vanity & American Fear), in which he expresses his thoughts on American society and culture via a mix of original compositions and renditions of tunes by a range of artists from Ornette Coleman to Charlie Parker to the Beatles. That he does this so effectively with just his guitar speaks a lot to his experience, having performed with an equally disparate group of musicians from Han Bennink to Jorrit Dijkstra to Matt Wilson. A relaxed tone, seriously tuneful, and a likability that makes it easy to spend some extended time with. -Dave Sumner, eMusic

    Listen on Bandcamp...


    Now that I've quoted myself in a post, it's only a matter of time before Dave Sumner begins referring to himself in the third person.
  • Dave Sumner no longer exists. He's been replaced by Jonah Powell.

  • I'd be more impressed if he used the gerund form, because Davidsummering can be extra obnoxious.
  • Trust me, there's no end to the ways I can be extra obnoxious.

  • Huh, I just realized I presented Chris Forsyth in concert with his all-guitarist trio back in 1999, after they recorded as All Time Present. That was a disappointing production - the band outnumbered the audience. :( They were cool about it though. I've loaded Solar Motel in my queue.
  • Thanks to all for these great suggestions. I went with Chris Forsyth for the original nephew, plus Jake Bugg for another one. The dads will like these choices too, I think! Got Jake Bugg on Auto-Rip as a lil extra bonus...
  • Auto-Rip is like Christmas for all!

  • Would have gotten the same deal at Bandcamp on Solar Motel--actually better because lossless!--but they're not equipped to gift CDs yet. They are working on it...just recently able to gift DLs.
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