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I just wondered if anyone else has come across this issue with Bandcamp recently. I generally use IE9 64 bit as my first choice browser, especially since Apple stopped updating Safari. For the last week or so when I go into Bandcamp using IE I get a message saying
Sorry, Bandcamp no longer supports the version of Internet Explorer that you're using (7.0).
Please upgrade your browser to the latest version and try again.
All I get is a very basic listing along the left hand side of the screen. If I go into Safari it is fine. I have double checked IE and I my version is definitely IE9. I am using Windows 7 so do not want to go to IE10. Any thoughts?


  • I've been enjoying Chrome for a few months now - seems less buggy and resource-hoggy on my pretty old computer than IE.
  • I primarily use Firefox and haven't had an issue. Since I'm at work I do have IE (it's 10, though) and it seems to work fine.

  • I think you may be using compatibility mode in IE - I can get the same problem with IE 10 if I switch to compatibility mode.

    There are two ways switching out of compatibility mode:-

    1) On the address bar, there may be an icon that looks like a page with a horizontal break - clicking on that should switch compatibility mode on/off

    2) On the tools menu (pressing 'Alt' will show the menu bar), there are two related items. "Compatibility View" will toggle the mode on/off for the current site, and "Compatibility View Settings" will show a list of sites that will be view in Compatibility mode. Just make sure that the "Display all websites..." is not selected, and that is not in the list.
  • Also try running the 32-bit version of IE. Both should be installed by default, but I know 64-bit web browsing can be a pain sometimes.
  • Thanks for the suggestions. I tried Paul R's first idea, still the same. Then I went back to how it was to start with, and that cured the problem (It is clear rather than coloured in) But I will also try Chrome anyway.
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