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For anyone new to emusers, the daily sharpening of wits and trading of musical joys happens here, but some of the more coherent thoughts end up as posts on the companion blog at www.musicisgood.org (affectionately known as MiG). The purpose of this thread is to provide quick links to new articles as they appear at MiG. Authors, if a link to your piece does not appear when it is posted, please add one. Feel free to add an enticing line to tell us what the new piece is about.

At time of creating this thread, the most recent posts (oldest first) are:
Dispatches from Funkytown #5: Hüsker Dü’s Twin Cities Revisited
Concert Review: Tinariwen and Kishi Bashi at Calvin College
Review: Sublunar by Kane Ikin
Trecento Italy
Top 20 of 2012: Craig McManus
Top 20 of 2012: David Smith
Top 20 of 2012: Kezzie Baker
Dispatches from Funkytown #6: “Prince Lives Here, We’ve Got 10,000 Lakes”
Top 20 of 2012: Stephen J. Nereffid
So You Don’t Like Hip Hop: Part 1 – The Beginning


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