Upcoming sale alert!

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There will soon be a new She & Him album. So prepare for this to be listed on every single sale from now to the end of time.


P.S. - I'm not sorry for tricking you.


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    Oh dear, that means I will be permanently failing to save money. This could be bad for me economically.
  • As a vocalist, Zooey Deschanel is very pretty
  • Sometimes I wish we had a "like" button here. All three of your comments made me laugh - so thanks!
  • I was going to make that same joke....really. (But I will also buy the new S&H album, investing perhaps $2 in an amazon sale).
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    Ooooops !
  • Mac' McCaughan's gotta retire someday.
  • Poor M. Ward, having to be the silent partner in the group.

    Seriously though, I like him a great deal on his own. I was okay with the first S&H Album. After that, meh.
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