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Hello, new member, and welcome to emusers!
Introduce yourself, if you'd like.


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    Hmmmm ?
    I just did a gooogle search on the first link and it seems that Smithlife is in the Gold Buying and selling business.
    If this is true, he is in a wrong place.
  • Gold Buying and selling business, eh? Goldmund and Goldfrapp sell pretty good around here, and there is some historic value in the markets for Neil Young's After the Gold Rush and Golden Earring, not to mention Gord's Gold.
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    - And this leads everywhere:
    I welcome the opportunity to promote one of my favourite bands.
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    This is like hugs on cellophane - an arbitrager in selling of antimilitary fog odorators.
    I'm totally bamboozled by this. Cannot I post a WAYLT? Will have to iron out the brain crease...
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    "why are you like this, stupppidd"
    "What Are You Listening To?"
    - Hmmmm ?

    ETA: SWYP ?
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    Yeah, this one: "What Are You Listening To?"
    or any others for that matter.

    Apparently, I can only post to this one
    tiny topic of "welcome" for some reason.

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  • Hi rostasi. We regularly get spambots selling fake gucci somethings trying to join the forum and post marketing junk, and that has made us a little wary. I am guessing the restrictions you are hitting are a result of that - a buffer until folk have demonstrated that they are a human being interested in talking about music rather than an algorithm interested in redirecting traffic.
    Welcome to the forum. We're an eclectic bunch here, interested in just about all kinds of music - tell us a little about your interests. I am not sure who has the trigger for allowing posting to other threads, but I'm sure they'll pull it in due time now we know you're a person who knows the name of some music artists :-)
  • Aaaah, OK. I see. Well, that's the thing:
    eclectic listening tastes. Checking here,
    that's what I saw and liked. Various music
    forums I've been on spend their ego time
    in worlds other than music (or "the arts")
    waaaaay too much of the time. Also, there's
    such a weird sensitivity to anything outside
    the "people's way" on some of these forums -
    both musically and, just generally, in anything
    presented outside of the "normal" way of
    doing things. Very strangely rigid in thought.

    Anyway, it looks good here. Half a million,
    mostly non-popular, tunes in my iTunes with
    tens of thousands of physical media to head-swim
    around in at the house/studio here. can you spell:
    d-i-s-e-a-s-e? hmmmmmm?

    The only unusual things that I notice here are:

    1) that I'm clearly not getting my BBCode correct -
    as in my italicized word in my last post.

    and 2) there isn't a preview so you don't unload
    something on everyone that doesn't look right
    (i.e. the (non)italicized text above).

    that's all.

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  • Looks like your italics failed because the "i" was capitalized - other than that the codes looks good. Try lower case. You're right, not much fancy stuff in the forum code. On the other hand we don't care too much if stuff doesn't look right :-)

    Sounds like you'll fit right in here; I was just commenting again the other day what a civilized place this is compared to the average "you know nothing about music because you don't agree with me and your band sux" kind of discussion that seems to fuel the internet. Hopefully Dr. Mutex or someone with forum voodoo powers will come along some day soon and let you out of quarantine (it's a bit informal here too so depends when they next drop by...shouldn't be too long though.)
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    Actually, lowercase is what I tried initially
    and it didn't work, so I changed to uppercase
    (and now back to lowercase).




    After 10 years/5000 posts at one place,
    the politics were just too much. At another
    place years ago, I made some kind of harmless pun
    (I think it was a Firesign Theatre reference maybe?)
    on one of my first posts and their "leader, named "mudd,"
    just blew a gasket (?) and another one that prides itself
    on being just about music spends much of its time talking
    about what goes in and out of their various orifices.


    anyway, no hurry.
    Always busy with various composing projects,
    so I'll just check in every-once-in...

    best to all,

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    Welcome ros . . .

    This will do the job:

    Under the "Enter your comments" box":
    Format comments as o Text o BBCode
    - Click o BBCode.
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    The same in text:
    [color=red][size=12][b]This will do the job:[/color][/size][/b]

    Under the "Enter your comments" box":
    [i]Format comments as o Text o BBCode[/i]
    - Click o BBCode.
  • I'm wondering if until new users have full access they can't use BBCode. It would avoid spam hyperlinks if that were the case.

  • Ah, that sounds like a good theory.
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    @rostasi, while you're waiting check out our little public outhouse at http://musicisgood.org/
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    Thanks for all of your help,
    but I'm going with Craig on this one.
    I've always used the BBCode option.
    Just like the lower/uppercase option,
    I tried it this way first (makes sense, eh?),
    then just as "text" option and then back again.

    It's OK. The mojoman in charge will make all things right soon.
    Have trust in the mojoman...

    I'll check the musicgood link tomorrow.


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  • eh, hem...<cough> <cough>

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    @ the regulars, is Dr Mutex the one with the powers to release from confinement?
  • I assume he's one. Katrina is also a moderator, not sure if that gives her the power.

  • rostasi, you refer to jazzcorner, above, yes? I remember your id, but couldn't place where.
  • Yeah, the Speakeasy had its fair share of politics and blowhards,
    but the 5000 are at the O-Board - which, I suppose, is still viable
    now that they got rid of the politics and concentrated on the jazz.

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  • I feel like an Alzheimer's patient in lockdown.

    OK, so it looks like I'm not gonna be "allowed"
    to be part of this community, so I'll just wish you
    guys and gals good listening and creative thoughts
    and leave you with this bit from Woody Guthrie:

    "So long, it's been good to know yuh;
    So long, it's been good to know yuh;
    So long, it's been good to know yuh.
    This dusty old dust is a-gettin' my home,
    And I got to be driftin' along."

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  • Have a little more patience; it's not that we don't want you, it's just that none of the regular users know how to let you out of limbo. I didn't even know this particular limbo existed. God forbid this site should ever crash; I don't know what any of us would do about it. Anyway, sooner or later someone always drifts around.

    I'll join you here for now...

    Now playing Prince - Sign O the Times
  • I'll play here as well.


    Still one of the year's best.
  • The Avalanches - Since I Left You
  • Flaming Lips - Soft Bulletin
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