On my list if I win the lottery

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Johnny Cash: The Complete Columbia Album Collection $225 for 63 discs comes to $3.57 each, which isn't bad. There'll be some mediocre material in there, but the best will outweigh it by far.512Au5MwOiL._SL500_AA300_.jpg


  • Hmmm want. "The Baron" soundtrack is no doubt considered one of the mediocre ones but I still listen to it a lot, must've watched the film a hundred times as a kid.
  • That looks pretty awesome. Far less per disc value would be my current choice:

    The Harold and Maude soundtrack was never officially released for over 35 years. When they finally did it was limited to 2500 copies.
  • I want that complete Jazz in Paris box set. Something like 150 cds in total...

  • I'm afraid, BN, that I'd have to win at least $100,000,000 before I'd even consider that, and I still might not do it. Maybe that's somehow part of their point.
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    @ denver, Same here, I was just dreaming. . . . Besides, I own most of the vinyl's already.

    - And with Residents, you never know what is truth and what is fiction.
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    This is one of five sets, each with 100 CDs, that covers the history and development of jazz. Each set costs £100, making £1 per CD very cheap, but I could not justify £500 to Mrs G without a lottery win!! That Jazz in Paris set would suit me too.
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    Oh no ! I want a Residents cake as consolation:
    - Found on Twitter.
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