What is happening at emusic?

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GP mentioned that emusic wasn't available six hours ago. It is still down, I had difficulty actually getting on to the site, eventually I got a temporarily off line message. I am beginning to wonder if this is the end. I do hope not!


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    - No sign of life. . .
    Maybe the CEO's have emptied the bank account and are on a plane to the Cayman Islands ?

    ETA: I have sent them a tweet.

    ETA 2: The Free Music Archive is also down.
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    - Emusic is back . . . Those tweets can do wonders !
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    I'm still getting
    Sorry, our site is temporarily unavailable
    due to scheduled maintenance.
    as soon as I try to go anywhere past the home page

    If it is scheduled mainenance they are hopefully making big changes!
  • Try searching for something - I still get the message in the search box. Maybe just the UK site is still not up and running??
  • US site seems to be running normally, after downtime yesterday
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    I just got an answer from Emusic#helps:
    Sorry. Site is back up now. Please clear cache and try again. Still waiting to hear back about RSS feeds.
  • greg - looks OK, managed a quick search - but as I cancelled some time ago...

    looks as if the search results have changed, there is now an A-Z selector in the results - not well implemented as you need to go back to 'Show All' to be able to select a different letter...
  • Yeah, eMusic search has been pretty terrible for a while now... really kind of bizarrely frustrating. This "new" search is not really an improvement, as far as I can tell.
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