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Has anyone used the new emusic DLM 6 yet? I'm quite happy with DLM 4, have avoided 5, thank goodness, but I am now wondering whether it is time to finally upgrade.


  • On past form, there's a reasonable chance you'll be replacing a working DLM with a non-working one, so why take the risk?
  • I must admit that is my first thought, but initial feedback on emusic's forum suggests it is better, but I prefer to take experiences of people here in using it!
  • Not me.
    - Given the history of Emusic software development, I'll stay with the 4.something. It seems to me that the new one does pretty much the same.
  • I can't remember whether it was 4 or 5 now, but the last emusic DLM I tried made a big mess on my computer, and after a large number of back and forths with an uncomprehending CS department that first advised me that I did not need to use a download manager to use the emusic service (!!) and then that I should use emusic/J because it worked (!!!). I was briefly tempted to install the new one to see if I'm missing anything, but the wounds from last time are still there, and emusic/J has yet to skip a beat, so my rational self is saying "why tempt fate?"
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    Had a look at the mordac discussion board this morning, since I am unable to DL today's freebie. Saw that there was a new downloader available. Hmm. I wonder if they have finally locked out the daily download to past subscribers. The whole album says "Not Available", though, so I'm thinking they just picked a bad one like they sometimes do.

    edit- yeah, DL4 still works OK. Got a free sampler. It must be a problem with just that album.
  • I'm still using DLM 4.1.4 and based on previous disasters I will continue to use it until it no longer works - Yes, I have trust issues with eMu DLMs.
    Hello, everyone - 5 days with no internet thanks to the cretins at Time Warner. Only the horrors still being experienced by so many others in the NYC Metropolitan area kept me from even thinking of feeling deprived, and it kept the cursing down remarkably.
  • Welcome back BDB; having had two such similar issues in the couple of years I can only sympathise.
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