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I'm going to buy a booster from emusic so I can catch up with albums with a small number of long tracks, as I suspect we'll be going to album pricing soon. Any suggestions? You know the kind of thing I like.... No Blue Note or major labels as I can't download those from emusic in the UK. Really I'm looking for albums with upto 5 or 6 tracks, maybe upto 8


  • Don't know if you were in on the Black Saint/Soul Note "motherlode"...? Great Italian jazz label has many albums that fit this description - I did the same thing before album pricing hit here. There used to be an eMu feature on these (related) labels, not sure if it's still around.

    Prestige/Fantasy would be the other jazz label that comes to mind, but there are now doubts about the encoding on those.
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    I know you listen to a fair bit of Miles Davis, but can't remember if I've seen you post this one: Blue Moods. I single it out because when I started from the basis of liking Kind of Blue and worked outwards, this one was one that really appealed to me. 4 tracks.
  • Greg, I compiled a list of long emu jazz tracks (>10 mins) a while back, to be used for this very purpose - it may help (or not).
  • As Christmas approaches, I wonder if you got in on this album, The Song of the Sibyll which some of us got for $3 on 7digital? It's very, very beautiful, 3 tracks.
  • I suspect we'll be going to album pricing soon
    - Why is that ?
  • Cookin' with the Miles Davis Quintet is 4 tracks and a favorite.

    The John Coltrane Live in Europe box set has a lot of tracks, most of them very long. It's a ton of music, very worthwhile at per- track pricing if you're into that kind of thing.

    I don't remember exactly which, but there are some very good independent label Mingus albums on independent labels with low track numbers.

    There are several albums of Eric Dolphy and Booker Little which all come from one combined live run, and are all very good, and all have a few long tracks.

    If you don't have it yet, see if you can find a version of Gavin Bryars' Sinking of the Titanic; there's a very good version with Phillip Jeck from a few years ago.

    Along that same line is William Basinski's Disintegration Loops.

    A low track album that I picked up a long time ago that I've been enjoying lately is Oren Ambarchi's In the Pendulum's Embrace...
  • A word of caution: check out the mispriced thread as it will tell you what albums will become cheap in large sets.
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    Greg, scan the early pages of the Guvera thread for tips, because some of us were prowling around back then looking to fill in tracks that were album only at eMu that we could pick up at Guvera. The pace picks up around pages 4 & 5 during the promo bonanza days, lots of recs dropping there, although the links may not jive with their new site redesign.
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    There are quite a few albums on both ECM and ECM New Series with long tracks, some have been mentioned recently in the Guvera thread. Just a case of doing a label search (shame no sort by price)... Might be productive with other labels that have artists you like, might turn up something interesting...

    For example:

    Hilliard Ensemble - Arvo P
  • Gregg,

    Windy and Carl have a few long track albums that are on E music, Antartica Blissed Out is a real goodie
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    Here are some albums I picked up in June 2009 before the album price conversion or The SONY Drop if you prefer - most have at least some long tracks:
    Ginger Baker - African Force
    Art Blakey - Jazz In Paris
    Lionel Hampton - Jazz In Paris
    Coleman Hawkins - Night Hawk
    Kenny Burrell - Soul Call
    Kenny Burrell and Donald Byrd - All Night Long
    Sonny Rollins - Tenor Madness
    Dizzy Gillespie and Machito - Afro-Cuban Jazz Moods
    McCoy Tyner - Atlantis
    Zoot Sims - Tenor Giants featuring Oscar Peterson
    Johnny Griffin and Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis - The Tenor Scene
    Sonny Rollins - Rollins Plays For Bird
    Gene Ammons - Blue Gene
    Red Garland - Manteca
    Tadd Dameron - Fontainbleau
    Thad Jones, Kenny Burrell, Frank Wess - After Hours

    Bon chance.
  • Erkki-Sven Tüür - Oxymoron
    Erkki-Sven Tüür - Flux

    I dloaded the album-only long tracks on Guvera, the shorter tracks on eMu.
  • Thanks all. I'll check them out, particularly Kargatron's link.

    @BN - I might be wrong, but two years ago we were told that it would take a year to get the majors in Europe. Well, it is now two years since then, so I reckon it could happen soon. If we get the majors, we will go to the same pricing structure as the USA. I'm being prepared for that increase in prices, as currently we do well with albums with only a few tracks, but albums with lots of tracks will be better after a change. But I may be totally wrong. Emusic may have decided that they made an error in the USA and might not want to repeat the same error in Europe. But I might as well get those long tracks just in case there is a change; we know that November is their month of choice for change!!
  • Sorry, just noticed my permissions on that file I posted weren't open, but I fixed that just now.
  • Thanks Kargatron - I've been working at home this morning so hadn't got round it yet anyway
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    This is a tasty looking morsel I'm adding to my list - Cannonball Adderley Quintet In San Fransisco (Keepnews Collection) - 8 tracks, hello Guv! Here's another at 4 tracks total - The Trumpet Kings Meet Joe Turner - never even knew about this record, and Guv's got it. Might be other suitable albums on this Pablo page.
    There are a number of Monk albums that are on this page for Riverside Records that weren't on the Riverside label page - there might be some at Guvera as well.
  • Gavin Bryars - Vita Nova, two tracks from Guvera, two from eMu.

    Piano Circus - Reich: Six Pianos and Riley: In C, two long track both on Guvera, listed as an "eMu pick". Piano Circus, Fitkin/Nyman/Seddon/Rackham, two long tracks on Guvera, two shorter on eMu. All three tracks on Fitkin: Log; Line; Loud are long tracks, and on Guvera.
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