Pop music too loud and all sounds the same: official

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Reuters reports.

Full paper here.


  • He's drinking PBR?
  • In that movie, Clint does little else besides drink PBR. Oh, and smoke cigarettes
  • Hipster!

  • Thanks for posting that, Nereffid - some time when my brain isn't in the doldrums I'll have to go through the full article. Does seem to support many of my feelings about the sound and direction of modern music - I mean I've never been much of a fan of say Top 40 type music of any decade of the last 50 years, but subjectively I'd warrant the older decades stuff "sounded" better in terms of its timbre and quality.
  • Funny you should post that. I listen to the teen station a lot, driving to work. It fires me up for dealing with the traffic.
    Just the other day I thought, wow, a lot of these song lyrics are about going to a club & getting really drunk. So not only does the music sound the same, the lyrics are getting similar, too.
  • Wow, you can understand the lyrics? I'm impressed! It sounds like I'm not missing much, anyway.
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