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Figured I'd start a thread on this, since the requests are bound to start coming in.

L_coma (Liam) sent us a direct message on Twitter for a review request of his album "Unwanted Noise."

It's ambient electronica... very quiet, like a Kranky album or some of Germanprof's albums that I can't think to reference.

Here's a link to a bandcamp page...

It's not bad at all. Also, it's NYOP.

If you'd like to review it, I can get his email for you or you can follow up on Twitter (he's @L_coma).



  • We need to get a "Contact Us" set up. As I mentioned on the other thread, we got a request for something via Facebook too.

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    I got a review request that really isn't in my site's wheelhouse, but it might appeal to some of you here.

    It's from Alex Zethson and his album Pole of Inacessibility...

    You've definitely heard his music before.  He plays with Martin Kuchen's Angles, Andreas Soderstrom, Trondheim Jazz Orch, Goran Kajfes and others.

    If someone wants to me mention their email and Music Is Good when I reply to him, just let me know.


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