Good looking Latin releases

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I was browsing the latest Other Music update and thought these look promising:

Si Para Usted, Vol. 2 NankerP highlighted the first volume awhile back, which lives up to its subtitle "The Funky Beats of Revolutionary Cuba". It's good to see a second volume. Hopefully it's as good as the first.

Tudo Ben: Jorge Ben Covers Looks like a good Brazilian comp and a good deal: 26 tracks for 12 credits. On Mr. Bongo which did the Brazilian Beat series.


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    Oh cool, thanks for the heads up on Si Para Usted 2. I was wondering when they were getting around to that. I'm going to buy it (an actual CD with liner notes and everything -- fancy that!) from their website. 1) I only have 24 emu credits a month now, 2) I'm sure the notes will be cool and 3) its the kind of labour of love I'd like to support with my $$$ now they aren't going to emu.

    Thanks again hoosfoos.

    Now I just wish Waxing Deep would start up their podcast again.
  • That is not Latin. This is Latin. So is this, in part at least ;)
  • So how is Si Para Usted, Vol. 2? I had it on my Saved-For-Later list, but for some reason, I removed it. I love Vol. I. Maybe I am discouraged to see my que get so large; maybe I felt like I haven't listened to the Latin albums I've got enough to justify another download. Maybe it's because -- unlike Vol. 1 -- this new disc seems to have flown completely under the radar, which is strange to me.
  • I just downloaded Vol 2 last week but haven't listened to it yet. I'll have to report back on it later. Do you have The Roots of Chicha (Pschedelic Cumbias From Peru)? It's a don't miss Latin album. Ok, not really Latin according to eythian.
  • The Roots of Chicha (Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru)
    That is a slamming album - it has to be one of my favorite totally unexpected finds ever on eMu - it's like some South American garage rock to me, love it.
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ YES
  • Wow thanks for the Roots of Chica rec, will get that next refresh.
  • You will not be disappointed. One of my favorite albums ever.
  • I just noticed this other chicha album by one of the groups highlighted on The Roots Of Chicha: Masters Of Chicha Vol 1 by Juaneco Y Su Combo . The samples sound great.
  • Yeah. They're responsible for my favorite cut on the Roots of Chicha disc, Linda Nena. Masters of Chicha is a solid disc (but again, Linda Nena is the standout).
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