No Jazz Playing Please

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I could understand if it said "No Skronking."


  • Toronto is the coolest.
  • Does this ban extend to people who call other people "cats," and say "hep"?

    Seems sensible. Hardcore punk is okay in Toronto, BTW.
  • Technically, the sign says, "Jazz Playing." As anyone who knows anything about Jazz, it not some "game" one "plays." It's serious business. Not that I'd expect anyone to understand this, since most people have an awful taste in music and don't know the first thing about the quality musicianship required to perform Jazz music. Just the thought of having to explain this to the uneducated masses fills me with a palpable tedium more than I can bear. Why do people have to be so damn stupid?

    That sign, clearly, doesn't know what the hell it's talking about.
  • Why do people have to be so damn stupid?

    i ask this question every damn day.
  • btw, appropos of nothing except that we've discussed it before, but the injury bug that's happened to the bulls is unbelievable. i figured noah plus the supporting cast would beat the 76ers, but then noah gets hurt. still think they'll beat philly but wow.
  • Rose, then Noah is just nightmarish deja vu of the Bears losing Cutler, then Forte immediately after.

    And what pisses me off is that with the Chicago injury bug going around, Alfonso Soriano is still playing for the Cubs. (cc: Ms. Nanker"Freaking"Positivity)
  • with its injury issues, round two is the end-of-the-road for the bulls.

    very curious to see if rose comes back full-strength. acl tears are not injuries you're guaranteed to return from "good as new."
  • He's young and hasn't been injury free before this year, so it's hopeful. Plus, he's not a big guy, so it's not like he has to worry about his body supporting a freakish amount of body mass. His explosiveness to the hoop, that'll be what measures it.

    I doubt the Bulls will make it past Philly. They were strong enough to do well without Rose during the regular season, because they knew they'd get him back for the postseason. And right when they did, he was taken away again. Psychologically, that ain't something a team rebounds from. Plus, losing your best player is a season killer in the post-season.
  • i'm just glad we beat the knicks.

    damn the knicks.
  • Didn't they have big injuries too? Schumpert, Lin, and, oh yeah, Baron Davis. Good grief.
  • amare, too, yeah.

    truth is, as much as i hate the knicks (and melo), i can't hate lin or amare or chandler.

    it's a sad day when i can't thoroughly hate the full knick roster.
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    Re: No Jazz Playing

    Concept A-
    Photoshop D

    At least match the font and clone the background texture of the sign you're 'shopping. For full credit it's necessary to make the new text look weathered too. I'd forgive everything and give extra credit if this was printed on vinyl and applied to the actual sign.
  • oh it's real.

    toranto, like johnny, hates jazz.
  • griz beasting, btw. memphis might be one of my most favorite teams to watch. big, can shoot, have moxie.
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    For whatever reason, your post made me think of something random...

    Did you know that originally Bryan Ferry was cast in the role of Dr. Frank-n-Furter before it eventually went to Tim Curry? And when Ferry was given the boot, they couldn't call it the Roxy Horror Picture Show anymore.

    And, of course, the next domino fell the following year when Sly Stallone couldn't go with his first choice of title for his feature movie. And he was blocked by a court injunction for his second choice of title when the Dreyer's company got wind of what he was up to. He didn't much care for the one word title, but taking into account Stallone's difficulty in stringing together more than a couple words at a time, it seemed like third choice of title "Rocky" was the prudent option to go with.

    Anyways, back to basketball. Yeah, Memphis was fun to watch in the postseason last year, too. And who would've thought, a few years ago, that it would be Mike Conley leading a team to postseason success and not Ohio St. teammate (and number one overall draft pick) Greg Oden? Hell, Conley was considered an afterthought in that draft.
  • It starts off as a 'jazz' thread and then ends up about basketball..... I do have some sympathy with Dr M's view. I could do better with Photoshop, ageing needed!
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    toranto, like johnny, hates jazz.
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    Why do people have to be so damn stupid?
    for many of them it's a struggle to only be that stupid...
  • ilovetosingaextra.png


  • puma_i-hate-jazz.jpg

    OTOH, maybe there's some redeeming qualities to jazz, after all


    on second thought, not sure if beavis is really a talent.

  • I thought that this thread would get Jonah's attention! One of many problems I have with emusic is that we no longer get access to the weekly Jazz Picks on 17Dots. They have obviously started filtering out anything that is perceived as US only from the UK site. However hard I search I cannot find your reviews. I hover over the date on 17Dots calender, see that it is there but the articles never show up anywhere. This has happened for at least the last three weeks. Yet when they are still there on the emusic website, there is just no link or anyway to search in the UK. Whilst I have contacted customer services about this, I wondered if you could post the link here, please, each week until they get it sorted. I understand their logic that they have cut it from the UK site, because we can't get all the releases, but with jazz we do get the majority. I know eventually you put them on your blog, but that is of necessity several weeks late. Many thanks in advance.
  • Here's last week's...

    If that link gives you the access you need, then I'll put more up.

  • Thanks Jonah - that is great. I was able to click on your name as contributor to get to previous posts. I've saved that as a bookmark, so hopefully that will enable me to continue viewing the pages. Interestingly it is a .com address, not the usual that we get in the UK.
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    Heeeeere's Johnny !

    Maybe this should have been posted on the dumb name thread . . .
  • @Greg

    That may have something to do with the articles residing on their 17 Dots blog, which may not have any re-routing/log-in regional issues that browsing/purchasing might. When you click a link to an album page, is it still a dot com or does it switch to a dot uk address?
  • This one’s for all the jazzophobes

    OK, which one of you is Peter Hum?
  • Heh. Good article, although I can find a kernel of truth at the heart of most of those stereotypes: eg, soloists posturing, jazz fan geekage.
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  • Jeez, I forget the extent to which the music I'm most excited about doesn't show up on other people's radar. Just bought tickets for Sao Paolo Underground on the day they went on sale. Found they were 15 bucks general admission, in the smaller of two concert rooms at the venue. Probably would have been able to walk and get tickets on the day of the event. Oh well, not complaining...Now I just have to wait like 2 months for the show. Jonah, this is at the Old Town School's new building, just across Lincoln Ave.
  • I fucking love Sao Paolo Underground.
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