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Can anyone help with suggestions of recordings of Gustav Holst's setting of the Nunc Dimittis?

I just tried searching for it at emusic but can actually see no way of using emusic's search engine to find it - though I did find this recording by an apparently similar composer:


I actually suspect there is a typo in there and this opera should be titled "Gustav Halts the Planets".

If the recordings is available on emusic and/or if it lets me buy that piece without buying a whole album, so much the better.


  • Well, that's a coincidence. Just a couple of hours ago I read a highly positive review in International Record Review of a new Holst release that has the Nunc Dimittis on it.

    "The Coming of Christ", the main work on the album, is Holst's contribution to a 1927 mystery play (no, not like "The Mousetrap"), with narration.

    As for that recording of "The Planets", I recall pointing out to eMusic a couple of years ago that it was probably an illegal copy of Karajan's 1981 recording. I'm still waiting for a reply from their "content team".
  • Here's a version on Chandos; I found it by looking on amazon, then using google to search for it on emusic. There were some other versions on amazon too... Is it rigt that it's just a 3 minute song?
  • Thank you all!!! I will check out those versions and get at least one of them.

    The reason for asking this, by the way, is a recent act of musical wisdom that made an impression on me. Just recently I had to attend our annual honors convocation, where students graduating with honors are congratulated and given certificates and there is a speech and much reading of names as people parade across the stage. It's not a bad event really, but sometimes a bit of a chore, and an evening obligation late in the semester is never entirely welcome. Well a new twist this year was that one of the college choral groups came onto the stage at the end and sang the above piece, and sang it very beautifully - it was one of those moments when live music transcends itself, and was really very touching. So I want to hear it again, with at least the memory of that occasion to add resonance to the recording.
  • I can't help but giggle at the Holts/Halts remark, especially when I think of it right before the seriousness of The Planets.
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