Goodbye emusic

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I've just downloaded the new Ebo Taylor release, so I am down to 25 tracks remaining. My excursion there reminded me why I'm dropping out for a while. It was so slow and ponderous. The price advantage I get is now far out weighed by how poor the service has become.

So what should I download now - it is about two albums, maybe a few extra tracks. Any suggestions of top-notch albums I may have missed over the last five years or so? I'd be very happy if they are big band or jazz, but also indie or folk or blues. Most people here know my tastes by now. Nothing please on the majors, Sony UMG etc as I still can't get those in Europe. I look forward to checking out the suggestions tomorrow on Amazon and then downloading from emusic. I would not want to try to listen to a number of choices on emusic at the moment!!


  • Amit Friedman Sextet - "Sunrise"
    -One of those albums I want to blast from the rooftops so the whole damn world can hear it. For some tracks, guitarist doubles on oud. Also, Friedman adds a string quartet to back his sextet. Here's an youtube video of an album track...
  • Did somebody change the topic title?
  • New thread from me amclark, as I didn't want it to get confused with the other thread!
  • I'll throw one great jazz (contemporary) big band album out there, greg: John Hollenbeck's Eternal Interlude. I rec a handful of big band albums in this emu forum post if you already have that.
  • Thanks Jonah and Kargatron. I've already got the John Hollenbeck release. I've now downloaded the Amit Friedman Sextet album. I'd actually added it to my SFL a couple of days ago for consideration for one of my final downloads. 13 tracks to go....
  • Greg: How dare you use a measured tone when saying goodbye at the other place! Protocol requires unrestrained anger and hyperbole! And you MUST use more than one exclamation mark!
  • It has got to the point where I couldn't actually be bothered to do that if I am honest, BT. The new website is the final straw despite only paying 20p per download. But I thought it worth noting my departure, as the more that do that the more they might take notice (in my dreams probably). I was actually going to complete my downloads this morning and then I saw on Bright Young Folk that there is a new Mawkin (of Mawkin Causley) album 13 tracks long (which is exactly what I have left) due out on Monday, which will still give me time to put on a hold before my next refresh
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