Help me in a redundancy payment campaign

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Hey everyone,
I'd be really grateful if you could provide some social-media-style support to a campaign I and some colleagues have started to obtain a proper redundancy payment from our former employer.
More details are on the blog but the basic story is that until last year I worked for a published called HW Wilson in Dublin, which was taken over by Ebsco Publishing (I know some of you are academics so you've probably heard of them). Wilson's offices were shut down and 40 staff in Dublin lost their jobs. Ebsco gave us the statutory minimum redundancy payment (basically 2 weeks' pay per year of service; I was there over 14 years) but 20 of us took an action against Ebsco at the Irish Labour Court, which recommended that the payment should be in line with our industry norm, 4 weeks per year. Unfortunately this is only a recommendation and Ebsco has chosen to ignore it, so we've started a pressure campaign to encourage the company to change its mind, which is why I'm writing this.
We have an online petition (, a Facebook page (, and a Twitter account (!/WilsonWorker1), so any following/liking/retweeting/whatever that helps raise our profile would be very welcome.


  • Done. Publishing world has a enough problems without this kind of nonsense.

    EBSCO is a big name for providing access to articles and journals at libraries, especially Higher Education libraries.

    On a slight off topic-ing moment, when I first I saw Wilson Picket and thought of the singer.
  • Thanks.

    I think some employees were waiting the best part of 20 years to make a Wilson Pickett pun.
  • Done, as a retired librarian I have no respect for EBSCO's behavior in this matter.
  • Maybe we need another EBSCO sucks thread, but I saw another article about EBSCO after reading an article in the Chronoicle of Higher Education about shady journals that are basically a pay to play. An academic submits an article and gets hit with a huge $1000+ plus bill. Basically they took a formally free, but discontinued U.S Gov't database and are now charging for it:
  • Signed & tweeted.
  • I signed and Liked on Facebook, so have been following the progress. Glad to see a financial settlement came through AND I hope it was the amount you wanted.
  • Mommio, alas there's no settlement. You're mixing us up with another group, the Vita Cortex workers, who've just started receiving their money and who we're linked to on Facebook. But thanks for the support anyway!
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