Hey ! - I can see my house from here . . .

- And a much nicer twist and turnable image @ Gooogle
- It's not my car, though . ..

ETA: No more twistin' & turnin' . . .


  • Very nice BN! I need to see Denmark some day.

    Here's me:


    If you look real close you can see our Westie looking out the screen door.

    You can really see her on the full page photo, but I don't really want my address posted.

  • @BN, and that shadow on the hedge is you in a top hat, right?
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    Nice, thanks ! - I'll probably remove the gooogle link soon.

    ETA: @ GP: Yeah, that was a sharp observation . . .
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    I can see my cat inside my house from here!

  • Doofy - Are you actually M.C. Escher? That photo is giving me vertigo.

  • It's the cat...she has that effect on people. My determined/maniacal wife (take yr pick) completely stripped and refinished that staircase, btw.
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    Impressive velcro on the cat.
  • That is maniacal I'd say; most people keep their clothes on when refinishing staircases.
  • Lol, @amclark2, I posted the same comment, then thought better of it and changed it.
  • Man, this thread is really brain my damaging. I read GP's post before he edited it and thought amclark2 was a bit confused to say the same thing. Then saw GP's post was different and briefly considered the possibility that I imagined the initial post.

    I blame all of this on reading Marukami.

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    Well, I will just add that it was indeed the wood that was au naturel, not my wife!

    eta, Oh forget it...was trying to post another pic but it was just huge...
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    I think Google must have gone past on a dull day. I have two cats, but they obey gravity (even if they obey nothing else).
  • I'd post mine, but you'd have to squint down the road for just a glimpse of some messy hedges and part of the roof. They haven't bothered to turn right yet...
  • Jay ! - I've just bought a "new" car:

  • Fordy Transity ! - and drives like a dream.
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    The phenomenon of White Van Man - a tattooed species often with a cigarette in his mouth, who is prone to flashing his lights as he descends on his prey - has been identified in a report by the Freight Transport Association (FTA). It says his bullying antics have now become a threat to all motorists, and it believes the problem is so serious that a nationwide re-education programme is needed, possibly backed by legislation.
    White Van Man
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    Plenty of room for carrying a mobile disco in there BN! And everything they say about White Van Man is true - I know a white van driver that fits the description well!!
  • Wait...I used to have a white van.
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    Confused, is this your house ?
    This came up by entering the coordinates from the other board in the search window.
  • Yep, thats our little white house in the middle. It's the springtime shot from last year. If you stand on the neighbours yard to the right and look back you can see my corn hedge.
  • to the north is a cloud some can see while others may not.
    pinned in at the east by a frozen body of water which placed a full moon above its horizon. perhaps a trap.
    deer tracks amongst the western pines.

    southern boys with nothin' to say.
  • Howdy bb - nice to see you !

    erantis360.jpg - And + 10 degrees celcius

    - I dare not think about spring, just yet . . .
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    We received a decent amount of snow the last week, which delighted The Boy--he hadn't seen so much since we lived in Massachusetts. Yesterday, we went sledding in the park and threw snowballs. We also ran into a few of his old schoolmates.

    Here's a photo of Glenwood Ave in Raleigh, about eight miles away, slighlty embellished:

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    Hey ! - I can see my shop from here !

    - With my one and only Lena behind the counter:

    This is from a fair for semi precious stones, crystals and fossils in N
  • Ha, that's funny, bn. I have some records featuring Mazur.
  • Are you in any of the photos, BN? I wish I could understand Danish...
  • - No, I'm not even behind the camera.
  • @BN

    Weird, you're driving around Marilyn Mazur's old car. That's kinda cool.
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