Gems from the Touch Radio Archives . . .

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The Brittish Touch Music label, with artists like Philip Jeck, Biosphere, Fennesz and Chris Watson has a subsection called Touch Radio.
- This thread is an attempt to encompass the abundance of brilliant music this archive contains.

- Starting withTouch Radio 6 | Philip Jeck, from 11.06.2005 :
- "Extracts from the live soundtrack "Instructions for Survival", a dance production choreographed and danced by Charlie Morrisey & Scott Smith on 3rd Fenbruary 2005 at the Corn Exchange, Brighton Dome. Recent performances were held at the Linbury Theatre, Opera House, Covent Garden, London on 22nd and 23rd July 2005.


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    Jacob Kirkegaard - Eldfjall Live at Observatori Festival, Valencia, 6th November 2005 - 33:00

    - "The sounds I here perform with were recorded in two ways: with an acoustic microphone and with an accelerometer. For the acoustic recordings I used a Sanken CSS-5 which I held very closely to the tiny bubbling surface. The accelerometer was inserted approximately 4 cm into the earth and picked up a denser timbre than the acoustic microphone. As opposed to the Eldfjall CD release (where I chose to let the sounds stand by themselves), I here mixed the different sounds with each other to create a more organic sound and a narrative. I began the concert with creaking ice from different lakes in Iceland. These were also recorded with accelerometers. None of the sounds have been processed."
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    Touch Radio 69 | Philip Jeck

    - "Philip Jeck in performance was recorded on 6th September 2011 at The Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria for Prix Ars Electronica, at which Philip Jeck was awarded a Distinction for his LP 'Suite: Live in Liverpool' [Touch # Tone 29, 2009]. The multi-channel recording (2 channels off the desk, two in the room) was mixed for TouchRadio by BJNilsen."
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    Touch Radio 78 | Daniel Menche

    - "Live Performance on April 21st, 2012 at the YU Contemporary Art Center located in Portland, Oregon USA. This concert was a two hour non-stop performance and this recording only captured an hour and fifteen minutes due to a recording failing. The amplifiers also blew out at the end. The room in which this concert was performed was the size of a city block (68,000 ft/20726 m) and had enormous room acoustics with considerable natural reverberations. Maximum volume was used, for 120 bodies were present to absorb this 120 minute sonic mass."
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    Touch Radio 20 | Daniel Menche
    Paris Qui Dort: Recorded live at Centre Pompidou, Paris 11.09.2004.

    - "In June 2004 I was asked by Cinemix to perform a live score to the silent movie 'Paris Qui Dort' (directed by René Clair in 1923) at the Centre Pompidou in Paris on September 11th of that year. 'Paris Qui Dort' ('Paris Asleep', or as the English version of the film is known: 'The Invisible Ray') was not only René Clair's first film but the first film to investigate the theme of the 'deserted city'. The night watchman on the Eiffel Tower comes off his shift to find people all over Paris frozen in motion. Eventually he meets a group of unfrozen people who arrived that morning on a plane. The group enjoys the luxury of the city, dining in restaurants and taking jewelry as they want, however boredom soon sets in and the men fight over the woman. Eventually they receive a radio message directing them to come to a particular address. There a scientist tells them how he invented a ray that has frozen the whole city. They were unaffected because the Eiffel Tower and plane were out of the ray’s range.

    And so on.....

    This is the recording of that live score.
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    Touch Radio 85 | ENOUGH!!! - Enough In Brooklyn, December 2011 - 52:32

    - "ENOUGH!!! is Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Jason Lescalleet & Joachim Nordwall. Enough is Never Enough . . .
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    After about 4 years in hibernation mode of this thread, one more from the brilliant Philip Jeck:

     Philip Jeck - Live at The Battery, San Francisco

    As part of the Touch Conference series of events which took place on the west coast of USA April-May 2016. With thanks to Brooke Wentz.
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