The greatest YouTube clip you'll see this week.



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    This is worth checking out - Special "J Dilla's Donuts" tribute show in Chicago last month on this blog: First of 3 videos below. Makaya McCraven was a "guest star," which in this case meant he was behind the drum kit from start to finish. Knowing I'm a Makaya fan, my brother-in-law got me tickets for Xmas. Wasn't sure about it, as I'm not much of a hip-hopper and knew nothing about J Dilla. I was a solid 25 years older than the average audience member.

    Turned out to be a fantastic show. Big band including singers, horns, and strings played full & soulful arrangements of the album tunes in sequence. (All 30 of 'em...most no more than a minute or two on the original album.) I enjoyed this show a lot, and helped me understand where younger jazz guys like Makaya are coming from, who grew up in a hip-hop world. There are links to FLAC and mp3 files too, but I'm afraid to download them.

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