The greatest YouTube clip you'll see this week.




    Den Sorte Skole - Lowmax

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    Her name is Olga Podluzhnaya

    Frank Zappa Last Performance (Prague 1991)

    - I get goosebumps by just thinking about his last show in Copenhagen.

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    This spoke to me this morning, and I shared it with a friend in need of comfort

    Philip Glass, String Quartet Nr. 5
    • Lyonel Schmit - violin
    • Christoph Brüggemann - violin
    • David Quiggle - viola
    • Viturin Doering - violoncello

  • Simone Giertz, The Queen of Shitty Robots...


    Nick Zoulek - AMPLITUHEDRON

  • rostasi said:
    Her name is Olga Podluzhnaya

    Thanks, I'm now hooked on khomus

    Ayarkhaan is a group of specialists in the art of the playing the khomus, a metal instrument that fits in the mouth and functions like a Jew’s harp; it is regarded as the national instrument of the Sakha. However, the khomus is different in several respects; while a conventional Jew’s harp is quiet, limited in range, and in the amount of control even a good player can muster over the pitch, the khomus is loud, strikingly expansive in range, and Ayarkhaan can get sounds out of it ranging over about three octaves. The group is also able to harmonize it in a sense that’s chorally conceived yet almost electronic sounding in effect.
    Ayarkhaan’s performances on the khomus an instrument that was said to have been made by gods and possess a magical voice – are inspired by a tradition that has been handed down for centuries but also reflects modern musical thinking. Throughout the Russian Federation, scholars, critics and concert-goers alike have hailed Ayarkhaan as the vanguard sound of the Yakut khomus, an instrument whose tonal versatility and acoustic resonance is at once capable of evoking the sound of a cello, a saxophone, or an electric guitar while occupying a sonic space that is ancient, transcendent and utterly unique.

    ps- that Prince Buster video is certainly one of the best I've seen. Thanks again.
  • Very cool  thanks!
    It reminds me why I love that this is featured on the front page. (Album link)
    (Cheaper here)
  • Very cool  thanks!
    It reminds me why I love that this is featured on the front page. (Album link)
    (Cheaper here)
    Ditto & ditto, $1.47 Emusic Canada
  • I know some Kraftwerk fans who might want to get in on this. From Aquarium Drunkard

    The above video, recorded in Soest, Germany in 1970, is reportedly the group’s first performance and earliest known footage. In 2014 Electronic Beats shared Dimitri Hegemann’s (founder of Berlin’s Tresor club) insight and recollections of the performance, which he attended at 16. A must-read companion to the set’s footage.

  • Yes, I've seen this! This is the time when Ralf was really into experimentalism.
    Most of these tunes would appear on the first album (which he somewhat "disowns").

    Ejnar Kanding - Micromorph 6 (2012)


    Nick Brooke - Attaché Case Gamelan Demo


    Renaldo and The Loaf - A Convivial Ode

  • No longer "The Doormat of the National League"

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    Good morning US !

    Not in any way the best, however . . .

    - A bus advertisement, invented by a danish socialist party
    (Won't happen again ;) )
  • Really great! Wife and I laughed!
    We have Denmark on our minds this morning.
    Pouring over the events in Aarhus beginning next year
    and trying to decide ... WHEN ... we'll be going.
    Mid-summer, more than likely, but what to see
    and how close are the events, etc... Phil Glass & Robert Wilson,
    but in November(?), so we have to decide.
    Always open to suggestions if you have any.

  • Dave Chapelle's opening monologue, Kate McKinnon's opening song, Kate McKinnon's RBG and Tribe Called Quest.
  • So, downtown Frankfort sits in a valley, a bowl shape surrounded by hills and cut through with rivers.
    The wind currents are kind of crazy.  There are hundreds of hawks that live here and just love it.  They float around in these pockets of feathers.  Here's my first attempt to capture them on camera.  It really doesn't translate how awesome the sight is.  I think I need to get a better phone for this...

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    This is very nice. It makes me want to reconstruct the soundtrack by removing the wind noise and saving the traffic sound. This is typical for Kentucky or just in this part of the capital?
  • I've only been in Kentucky for a handful of years, and haven't exactly explored the state, but I've only ever seen this hawk population in downtown Frankfort.  The winds are pretty crazy in our tiny valley.  I now live halfway up the hills that surround downtown, and it's a far different wind experience than the focused brutality of Chicago's wind.

    If you want a copy of the video, you're welcome to have it to play with.

    I'm gonna try to capture some more videos of the hawks, especially when they're floating closer to earth.
  • My local record emporium has been posting these "new arrival" FB videos lately. I find them kind of soothing ...
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