When Kenny met Miles...

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An instant classic. Apparently Kenny G genuinely and in an irony-free way posted this on his Facebook page...

here is a cool photo of me and miles davis taken when I was his opening act ....back in the late 80's i think!!!


  • That's the greatest thing ever. Miles clearly wants to kill him, but can't figure out which way would be most painful.

  • Perhaps Miles is wondering why Kenny described himself as a musician?
  • I interpreted Miles's look more as a "who the fuck is this guy"; like when somebody sees a celebrity in an airport and hands their camera to a friend and runs over; I don't think Kenny registers enough on his radar for him to be mad...
  • There's definitely a lot of confusion and a hint of a smile in that look...
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    I like the way the gesture could be read as "let me introduce you to...", as if the guy in the background is the unknown quantity or the one magnanimously included in the picture.
  • Miles looks angry, but he exudes cool. Kenny looks like Bob Saget and exudes doofus.
  • Just wondering about the genius promoter who put them together. 'Well, let's see, they both play straightened-out horns...'
  • Miles looks like he's thinking, "I'm gonna kick that s**t for brains agent's ass!"
  • Personally...Miles looks somewhat bemused to me. Plong42 nailed it with the Kenny/Saget parallel).. .btw.. kenny looks alot different (on every level) in his thumbnail photo here at eMusers (which he has apparently removed).
  • Well, Kenny gained nothing from the experience of listening to and watching the great man. I also wonder what Kenny was on that day....
  • It does beg the question Doofy - why were you looking at Kenny G's Facebook Page!?
  • What, you haven't friended Kenny? This image is plastered all over the Net now, not to say "gone viral." But you can also see it on Kenny's page, where there is a funny mix of comments respectful and otherwise. There is something almost charming about the ingenousness/obliviousness of Kenny and his fans, take your pick.
  • Thanks Doofy - I had to LOL at some of the comments. I liked this one for example
    Knowing Miles... it seems he is calling the bouncer and saying " Get this candy a$$ out of my way"..
  • It seems like I'm the only one who has no clue who Kenny is . . . I feel sooo left out.

    dont_kill_kenny.gif - Am I on the right track here ?
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    Not really BN - we're discussing Kenny G, an American mainly alto saxophone player. Think of the worst kind of muzak played in hotels and lifts, BN and you are about there. All gentle with a weak electronic organ type backing track. If I can bear it I'll find a track on YouTube and add in a few minutes.

    Edit - Songbird is his most famous (infamous?) track. It is the complete opposite to Miles Davis in jazz terms. Also Forever in Love

    I hope that helps, BN
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    As of 2003, Kenny G was named the 25th-highest selling artist in America by the RIAA, with 48 million albums sold in the USA as of July 31, 2006.
  • Yes, a lot of people do like him, my father included. I could draw a tentative conclusion about the musical tastes of people in the US from this, but I know it isn't true of people here!!
  • Kenny G's only benefit to society was his appearance in this commercial:

    YouTube link

  • Thanks for the enlightenment . . . This comment on Song Bird says alot:
    am i in a porno? video?
    - It does seem like he knows his way around his instrument, though.
  • He is an inoffensive tootler.
  • Yes that just about sums him up, Doofy - hence hotel and lift music.
  • I was appalled to hear a couple of years ago that Kenny G's Christmas album was at that time the best seller of the genre of all time. Not to mention he has sold a boatload of albums otherwise. I can't understand it.

    Miles caption - " Blow that thing in my ear again, motherf**ker, and I'll shove it up so far you can pick your teeth with it."
  • Google has no tranlation for tootler, but I can imagine what it means . . . toot toot !

    The Audi commercial caused a serious case of ROTFLMAO. - Thanks Craig.
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    Yes BN someone who toots along!
  • BDB, I think when you look beyond the musical cognoscenti such as ourselves, one of the attributes people value most in their music is that it be "relaxing." And Kenny's music is certainly that...as is sodium pentothal, for example.

    Ah well, to each his own. To me, Kenny G would be the waiting-room music in Hell, while in Heaven you would hear Ornette Coleman or Mal Waldron. For many (probably most!) people, it would probably be the other way around.
  • Yeah, you're right. I heard that. You got that right.
  • @Craig, thanks for the commercial, lol.
    When I look at the picture now, what I'm getting is that Miles is actually looking round to see if anyone is watching before he pulls the baseball bat from under his shirt.
  • " He say kill it before it grows"
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