Sandra McCracken

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"If you want to keep it, give it away." That's Sandra McCracken's philosophy.

If you like her music and don't already have her album acclaimed album, Gravity / Love, you can get it in its entirety for free during the month of February here:

"Sandra McCracken's cloud-splitting voice will be my undoing. And it doesn't hurt that her writing marries the pop acumen off Lennon/McCartney to the lyrical heft of Julie Miller. If I wrote down all the superlatives I'm tempted to write down, you'd question my credibility." -Jason Killingsworth Music Editor, Paste Magazine

"Gravity | Love is girl-pop meets folk-rock. Sandra McCracken's latest release could almost be categorized in the same vein as the Go-Gos or the Bangles, but with a mellower, rootsy vibe. It's hard to pick a faorite because they're all so distinct - you'll just have to decide for yourself." - Performing Songwriter Magazine

"A songwriter's songwriter, McCracken doesn't feel the need to personally grace her album covers, nods to her religious faith in subtle lyrical turns, and proves she's capable of creating Americana to rival recent outings from Tom Petty of The Jayhawks, especially on "Gravity," "Traincar" and "Portadown Station" - the songs anchoring her new album." -Andrew Barles (PASTE Magazine)

It's not unusual for Sandra to give away her music in hopes of getting it heard to those who aren't familiar with her. A free download of a sampler from her "New Old Hymns" album can still be had for an email address here:

I downloaded that sampler of about 3 or 4 songs a year or so ago and it is quite good - her version of "Amazing Grace" is truly outstanding. I never did go back and purchase the entire album, but it's well worth getting and I plan to do that. Gravity / Love is also quite good.
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