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The Association for Cultural Equity, which I believe helped produce the Global Jukebox collection BigD noted in the 7digital thread, allows streaming of hours of Alan Lomax's field recordings. I always thought they should be freely available to the listening public, and now they are.

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  • Excellent find, BT. It even works on my laptop here (so few things do). Just the kind of stuff to get the co-workers saying, "What the hell are you listening to?", which I admit I get some small satisfaction from.
  • BIgD, if you look under radio programs you'll find Lomax's interview of Jelly Roll Morton. It's not just interesting for the subject: it was also the beginning of Jazz historiography.
  • That is an amazing collection BT, many thanks. It could be worth an article for MiG??
  • Greg, I have been thinking about presenting the material. There's a lot of material, but I'm not yet sure how much quality there is. I've read most of Lomax's bio (I lost the book when I moved into my new house, only finding it again a couple weeks ago), so I have some sense what to look for. Personally, I don't want to get into a big write up--my work calendar still says early January, and I have two incomplete MiG reviews on my computer (for the record, they are The Once and Stan Rogers). If you or someone else wants to run with an article, I'd have no qualms. My own approach would be to present interesting material from the archive on a regular basis, maybe "Sunday Afternoon in Lomax's America." The Morton radio documentary would be a good place to start.
  • I certainly take your point about workload BT! I've got one article almost complete and another started that needs some more research, but I am in the middle of marking disseratations. I'm probably not the right person to take on an article as my knowledge of much of the music is low, but it could be something for someone-else. Your comment about the qaulity is right - it does vary. I spent perhaps 90 minutes this morning exploring and found some great stuff, but also some of not such good quality or interest to me.
  • @BT, what about an introductory piece of modest length just introducing folk to the archive and giving a fairly general overview of what's there, to set the stage for more specific explorations?
  • I'll work on a write-up.
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