Music to listen to in the car

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I've just been listening to an item on Breakfast TV News. They reckon that if you listen to heavy metal you are more likley to be involved in an accident, no surprise there. But what did surprise me was that if you listen to jazz you are more lilely to be caught for speeding - not sure why, Jonah! I'll try to find out more. Apparently the best music to listen to when driving in Mozart - relaxing but not too relaxing!

Update - apparently when listening to jazz it is more complex than most other music and the driver listens more to this complexity, and can as a consequence, not notice that speed is creeping up - honest, Jonah, that is what they said second time round!


  • No, I totally agree. There are some jazz albums I absolutely cannot listen to in the car because they make me daydream like mad. On the other hand, some are excellent driving albums. John Zorn's Alhambra quartet and quintet albums ("In Search of the Miraculous" and "Goddess", respectively) and his Dreamers ensemble album "O'o'" are brilliant driving albums.

    But I don't listen to much jazz in the car. I stick to alt-country, ambient, indie rock, or odd jazz like Bill Frisell, stuff way out on the fringes.
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