Google unveils Android-based online music store

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Google has launched an online music store in the US, which will allow devices running its Android software to buy, store and stream MP3 files. EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal and 23 independent labels are providing content to create a library of 13 million songs. However, Warner Music Group has opted not to take part at this point.
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Songs range in price from 69 cents (44p) to $1.29 and come without DRM copy-protection
Its sucess will depend at which end of this most tracks are at. But interestingly
Google is also hoping to link with smaller artists through its new Artist Hub. Musicians can add their own page for a $25 fee and set their own prices. Google will take a 30% share of each sale.
No plans to launch outside the US yet, but generally Google tends to move quickly to get new things into the Western European market
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