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As I have mentioned in the musicisgood thread, I think we need a new Welcome section at the top of the Message Board explaining ourselves better. If the blog takes off we are likely to getpeople clicking on the link to find out what emusers is. Below is my first attempt to write something. Please do make alterations or comments on this, so that in a few days one of the Administrators can put it at the top of the Message Board

Welcome to Emusers. We are a community of music lovers. We all get great pleasure from listening to music but we enjoy discussing music too. We can sometimes be serious but we can also be light hearted. We are all open to all kinds of music - if you join us you'll find that your music horizons will get extended. Our membership contains fans of a wide range of genres - rock, jazz, blues, classics, indie, folk, electronic and so on. You name it, there is probably someone here who has an interest in it. What we are not though is a chart music community. though some of us do play chart music some of the time. We are based all around the World, are of all ages and both genders.

A good place to start is the 'What are you listening to now...' thread. That will show the range of music we enjoy and discuss. Sometimes, someone will mention an album, possibly from an unusual source, that many of us will then download and enjoy. We are an open community willing to share and learn from others.
We originally started as a group of eMusic members wanting a new message board, but we have expanded beyond that now, although many of us remain eMusic subscribers. We have now expanded into the musicisgood blog to expand our horizons

We hope you like what you see here and will join us at emusers
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