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Announcement on 17Dots
It’s New Arrivals time, and I wanted to lead this week with some exciting news: beginning next week, both here on 17 Dots and on eMusic proper, Jonah Powell will be contributing his roundup of the best Jazz new arrivals to this massive tome. JAZZ FANS, YOUR DAYS IN THE COLD SHADOW OF ISOLATION ARE OVER.
Well done Jonah!!


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    This is indeed brilliant news ! - and a wise decision from the eMu staff.
  • Not only will we be getting good reccs but good writing. I used to pick up only the occasional AAJ freebie when just browsing that Jonah posts his capsules here, I pretty much want them all.
  • This is very good. Congratulations, Jonah! I haven't checked the AAJ site in a while but I know it's a great place to get informative news and good recommendations. Your editorial input will undoubtedly be a big improvement to emusic, as well.
  • Hey, thanks to everyone. That emu thread really was quite flattering. I'm still a bit stunned that a week after seeing that thread go up, that now I'm actually working for emusic. Odd how things work out sometime.

    Like it says, my first article will coincide with next Tuesday's drop. As always, I'll try to pick out the new releases with the most promise. I've already said a couple prayers that please please please don't let next week's drop be 98% copyright-questionable reissues and DIY easy listening albums.

    Also, let's be clear about something... this doesn't mean you can come complaining to me each time you get an Oops page.

    Cheers, everyone. This is a nice surprise development in my life.
  • Now time for a "Jonah for Editor of Downbeat" thread.
  • Do emusic have a drone department? Jonah could edit that too. Wonder how many genres we could get him in charge of?

    Congratulations, Jonah!
  • Ah, suddenly the puppet discovers the cabal of power holding his strings.

    Hm, the holidays are coming up. Perhaps I should assemble a wishlist of places I'd like you get me a gig with.
  • as emusic continues to build on its vision for the jazz section and the site overall

    You mean they have a vision for the site overall, Jonah - do let us all know the secret, please!
  • You mean they have a vision for the site overall, Jonah - do let us all know the secret, please!

    I'm gonna let Joe/emusic roll out the news as changes occur. Besides, I only got a brief rundown of things to come, so it's not like my view of things is terribly reliable.

    I will say, however, that one of the questions I wrote out in advance of the phone interview was "what is emu's vision for jazz on the site?" I was pleasantly surprised that Joe began talking about the emu jazz vision very early on in the conversation, long before I began asking some of my own questions.

    The sense I get is that emu views growth in the jazz section as beneficial both from a content and financial standpoint.

    I'm very excited about contributing to a jazz renaissance on that site.
  • Absolutely fantastic!

    Congrats jonah!

  • That's great news Jonah - emusic needs to have its niche markets - jazz, world, electronic etc that it can be special at and out do itunes and Amazon
  • Intriguing news, and really does make sense that eMu would try to enhance its jazz focus. From what we've heard about the demographics, the subscriber base is largely older and male, and that's the jazz audience. By the same token there's probably room and opportunity for them to draw more classical listeners as well.
  • congratulations!

    now let's start plotting the secret takeover of emusic.
  • Where's Nerreffid? Can we start a Nerrefid for classical editor thread?
  • #OccupyEmusic
  • @amclark - I had the same thought.
  • We are the 400,000
  • Congratulations, Jonah. That really is almost inspirational that eMusic did something so sensible with that kind of alacrity. They (we) need people like you to help keep the wheat well above the chaff. Best of luck.
  • I'm still a little concerned about this whole "injections" thing, but other than that, I'd say the situation looks pretty good.
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    please please please don't let next week's drop be 98% copyright-questionable reissues and DIY easy listening albums.

    Well, in a pinch, you can write about the big batch of Anat and Avishai Cohen that dropped yesterday. Duh, until I saw they were on the same label, it never occurred to me to wonder if they were related.

    And then there's this...
    I actually would have thought Acid Jazz would be more likely to contribute to ADHD, but now I know better.
  • indeed congrats. Soon we will occupy all of eMusic.

    Or not.
  • Local boy makes good

    Congrats Jonah

    This is great.

    But just remember, you are a comedian first

    Don't let them borg into corporate sensibilities
  • Well, my first picks are up on the site.

    It's a pretty rushed process, and that's what makes it fun and terrible. Luckily for me, on my first day it wasn't a huge jazz drop.

    I have a few grammar issues, but nothing too bad. If I could edit it myself, I would, but it's not enough to add to anybody else's long day just to tweak a word here and there.

    I found some good albums. Most are available to hear all or most of the album at the usual locations we go to listen before buying.

    That was kinda exhausting. I'm already looking forward to next week.

    Thanks again, everyone.

    Oh, hey, here's a link to it...

    I'm near the bottom of the article.

  • Nice. You had me at Hat Hut.
  • Great thanks. I may be having to up my emu subscription now, but I'm enjoying reading part of new releases again.
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    A great column Jonah - unlike most of the remaining releases in other sections all were available for me to download if I wished. After listening to the samples I picked three to download - on initial listening the Empirical album is my favourite. Thanks anbd a really good start - I look forward to next week!
  • This week's Jonah's Jazz Picks are up...

    A far more meager drop this week, but there were a couple gems to be found.
  • Saw that. Keeping an eye out for the Corey Wilkes for sure.
  • Also worth mentioning that several of my picks from my first three weeks will be featured as the AAJ download of the day in the coming weeks. I'd like to get one from all of them.

    Off the top of my head, on the schedule now (or about to be as soon as I get a minute to set it up) are tracks by Miho Wada, Mark Weinstein, Erik Charlston, Alejandro Florez & Tibagui, Goran Kajfes, Hal Galper, Tito Carrillo, and Ramsey Lewis. Was the Patrick Cornelius new release on my recs list? I think it may have been on my first one. Well, either way, I do rec that album and it was the featured download of the day either yesterday or the day before.

    And like I said, I'm trying to line up more.

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    I've got to pick my top six jazz albums of the year. I am not kidding when I say that this task is causing me physical pain. I thought picking ten for AAJ was difficult, but this is worse, much much worse.

    Oddly, my top ten don't quite correspond to my top six. I have one in my top six for emu that doesn't appear in my top ten for AAJ.
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