ATTN: Anyone within reach of Chicago want some tickets?

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A while back I bought two tickets for the Amon Tobin ISAM live show in Chicago on Oct 21 (next Friday). You can see a trailer for the show here. It promises to be visually quite remarkable.

Very reluctantly and rather sadly I have reached the decision that I will not be able to go. Pressure of work and work-related travel is very high at the moment and I am getting very tired. I have to simplify the schedule to get through the next month or so, and have been torn between really wanting to see the show and not being able to face adding a drive to Chicago and back next Friday night. So I'm sitting on two tickets, cost $48.

I'll post these on my institution's deals board later but thought I'd offer them here first. Can anyone use these? I'm not really looking for any specific return - maybe you could get me something off my amazon wishlist or something. The tickets are in PDF format, so emailable. Let me know.


  • Still got the tickets - seems a shame to waste them. Anyone know anyone in Chicago who might like them?
  • Let me take a listen to who Amon Tobin is, and then maybe I'll send out an email if I think someone I know there would be into it. Where's the show at, by the way?
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    Be sure to take a look at this video: - it's a promo of the premiere of this show and so gives a good idea of what one is in for.
    It's at the congress theater.
  • Jonah, the Congress is that big old pile of bricks on Milwaukee that you see on the Blue Line. Used to be mainly Mexican wrestling there, but these days they have some interesting music programming. I'm going to see Morrisey there in a couple weeks.

    Prof, I gave this some thought as I'm in the 'hood, but not sure it's my thing. Plus when I see "event ends at 2:00 am," I can be pretty sure I wouldn't get the most out of it!
  • GP - I'll put out some feelers to my Chicago peeps.

  • Thanks all!
  • I just found a home for the tickets - just ran into a student of min who graduated last year and now works in Chicago and would love to see the show. Thanks those who checked with friends. Still wish I could be there, but at least someone else will enjoy it.
  • Attn GP: Another chance for you...!

    I'm now on the Congress e-mail list...Very busy slate of acts going through that old barn these days.
  • Hmmm. Tempted. We'll see.
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