Thom, watch your back.

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  • Man, I'm down to third!?! I'm slacking off something fierce.

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    I haven't cracked the top ten for visits yet? I'm crying foul!
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    Body_builder_2.gif ! ! !
  • i'm 1406 visits, and a paltry 560-ish comments. pathetic.
  • and if you don't count "lol," "rtfl," "lolzs" and "wtf," i'm down to around 100 posts.
  • Hmm. Two more posts to catch Doofy. Make that one.
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    And there we go.
    I see jonahpwll has achieved more posts than visits. Deserves recognition for efficiency.
  • I admire those with more posts than visits. It shows a sense of purpose, a certain "say yer piece and get out," which I lack.

    Prof, these statistics are misleading in that they don't account for length of membership. Clearly you and Greg are on a pace to crack the top 5 before too much more time goes by.

    The stats on Frogkopf serve as a poignant reminder of what once was, and what might have been. Poor guy, I think he never recovered from the Amie Street closing, and the loss of all that Street Cred. I like to think he's out there somewhere, plowing through the music backlog...
  • Was sagst du, Herr Doktor Professor?
  • Trying to catch Doofy?
  • Personally, I'm having fun today waiting for my loan agent to fuck up.
  • The mortgage company, for some reason, actually wanted to strike out a clause that, in essence, defines what real estate means.
  • I might have to go on a spending spree to calm my nerves.
  • Maybe some Canadian folk, like Stan Rogers.
  • For $6.99 at amazon, I won't feel cheated on the price.
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    Na ja, ich denke darüber nach, ob ich überhaupt noch was schreiben sollte. I could imagine bizarre potential for a long conversation back and forth based on a post-count pennant race, perhaps with strategic use of time zone differences....not sure it would be the most edifying conversation ever.
    Greg is the anti-lurker. Two point something posts per visit.
  • Every morning I can tell if Greg was on over night. If there are 10-15 posts on the what are you listening to thread, he was hear. Otherwise, no.

  • I never have anything interesting to say, like right now for example.
  • I should not be under estimated in this just because I am on page 4

    It is all a part of my stealth strategy

    trailing consistently just behind the scrum then


    In the mean time Dr. Mutex watch your back
  • Personal note to Cafreema: Deepest sympathies
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    You guys are so far behind, you don't even know who's leading the race.

    The man to chase is Mutantis, who has 244 Discussions Started. I'm a distant second at 121. Brittleblood better get his Rascal tuned up if he doesn't want to drop further behind in third at 83 discussions started.

    The rest of you, well, maybe you should just stick to reading my jazz threads.

    P.S. El, that Come At Me Bro image is probably gonna be one of those things that makes me break into hysterical laughter repeatedly over the next few months, and likely at a completely inappropriate moment in each instance.
  • Stupid new job with their stupid web filtering. I was able to dominate these boards back when I was in charge of IT...
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    @thom, funny you mention that. I was talking with some contacts grinding it out in front-line IT and they quipped about the number of employees these days using their cellphones and mobile hotspots to get around the filtering systems--apparently, it is not an uncommon sight to see several employees sharing a mobile hotspot with laptops and iPads. One of the guys has been arguing with management that they ought to just tear down those system for the fact that technology is letting people around it.
  • I enjoyed that "Come at me bro" image as well

    It seems like it might be yet another pop culture reference that I missed during my descent into middle age bliss

    What is it from
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    @juj, A good recap of this meme though I first came across it on Reddit.
  • @elwood - I agree. I think I'm coming into this place at a time of real transition. They just haven't had the man power to do everything they wanted to in the past and have relied a great deal on locking down systems excessively to deal with it. Hopefully I can help them "see the light" on some of these ares. Heck, I has trouble researching an issue this week as several sites with answers were blocked for being "personal websites".

    BYOD is going to be a heavy part of the future of IT. Companies will have to deal with it one way or another.
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    I'd never thought of looking at this before - interesting on page 2 with not much between 4 or 5 of us. Come on Johan, you are beginning to lag behind a bit.... But we still have a way to go before we get close to Elwoodicious
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