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l.jpg is M. Adam, family guy, musician and teacher. Today is Sunday is his first official release as a solo artist. He also plays guitar in the two alternative rock bands Lunatic Skydance and Concerto HiFi. M. Adam lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

" started as a one-man-project. After several years of playing guitar in miscellaneous rock bands in Cologne, the idea came to my mind, that it would be the right point of time to make some music on my own. “Meanwhile”, I thought, “I could create something different..,, something BIG, maybe an electronic-ambient-guitar album or something…”
- WM Recordings.
- FMA.

"Today is Sunday is a musical voyage (...). If you are willing to travel, you can go on a 50-minutes trip throughout various epic soundscapes, maybe accompanied by the ghosts of Pink Floyd or Mike Oldfield. Possibly you pass ambient and beat-inseminated lounges at the top of a desperate mountain, where you have a short discourse with Air and Moby, probably it all ends up in a nearly perfect pop or folk song, where Dido and Calexico decide to assemble for a short while. But nevertheless, there is a thread, a certain line that leads you all the way and that’s the one thing that sets this album apart from all the quoted ones and any effort of stereotyped thinking"
- (reviewed by

"Yes, i's true - Joey Burns DID offer me a job! But I decided to write some songs instead. And here you are! So turn up the volume, put your headphones on, ride with the pack and enjoy the soundtrack of a film that was never made… "
- From Myspace.

"Here we are with the second release of the JUDAS HOLE trilogy: THE SOBER EP includes songs and soundscapes which did not fit on the album, but arrange themselves in an expedient way as a self-contained EP … So prepare to listen to another, partially dark, partially light or maybe just more psychedelic side of the Judas Hole and immerse yourself in an unwritten audio drama …."
- Here's a totally brilliant coverversion of Pink Floyd's "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun"

- Alltogether an album and 2 EP's from an extraordinary talented musician / songwriter / performer, and a guy I will keep my ears and eyes open for in the future.
- Wholeheartedly recommended !


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    About time . . .

    Rereleased in november, once again an excellent and very moving album:
    The production of the current album THE JUDAS HOLE took place with the support of Music Producer Hannes Jaeckl from AMPERSAND and features a number of guest musicians and friends of the band. THE JUDAS HOLE convinces with beautiful and accurate arranged songs, partly concentrated to the perfect moment and partly overflowing you ears with impulsive soundscapes.
    This Album shows the whole band width of independent music without losing the thread. It was first released in December 2012 by the Cologne Indie label SONGPARK, as a commercial download on current music platforms. Now, less than a year later, you can enjoy the whole thing for free!

    WM Recordings
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