MP3Sparks anyone?

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I have browsed this site a few times and have thought it might be worth a spin for some older Jazz titles that are not on Emu. Does anyone have experience with the site? Is it legit? Safe to use CC? I think it is Russian, not that it means anything, but I worry a bit about giving out too much info.


  • It's the same organisation as 'allofmp3', which means it's probably just as illegal.
    By all accounts they used to be safe enough to use, and there was some Russian copyright law loophole argument they used to defend themselves, but basically the artists/labels didn't get paid.
    I wouldn't risk it now myself as they are gradually being forced to shut these sites down. Whoever's behind it might decide that one last grab for cash is worth it before going offline.
  • Thanks...I knew about AllofMP3, did realize they were the same organization. Far as I can tell it is just about the same thing to get the files form Usnet, legal-wise.
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