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Much to my surprise, I've got some space on my AAJ dotd schedule for the Saturday The Fringes slot. I keep seeing you guys post a whole bunch of experimental music, stuff that could conceivably be called jazz if you were just trying to enrage me. Any of those musicians/ensembles you'd like to rec whom I would then contact and invite to be on the dotd? It doesn't matter if they already offer the tracks for free (or NYOP). I'm just looking for some names you feel are deserving of some AAJ attention.



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    Mikolaj Trzaska is a musician with jazz roots (avantgarde ?) - here collaborating with a "electronic devices" guy is an obvious choice (me thinks) :

    Trzaska & Ostrowski - Blades / Ostrza - Remastered. - (name your price @ Bandcamp)

    released 02 January 2000
    Cezary Ostrowski - composition, sampling, electronical devices, recording
    Mikolaj Trzaska - saxophones, clarinet

    - Another one from Mikolaj Trzaska that to the best of my assessment IS jazz (experimental/avantgarde ?):


    - this one is 9 $ @ Bandcamp.

    The Oles Brothers catalogue @ Bandcamp seems to be worth checking out. . .
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    - Another one could be a band called Tangled Thoughts of Leaving from Perth in Australia:


    - Definitely a very skilled bunch of people who has tagged their music as:
    jazz noise post-metal post-rock progprogressive rock

    - OTOH, if your response to this is "WTF has this got to do with jazz ?" - I'd tend to agree with you.
  • Saxophonist Matana Roberts might be a good choice, her new one would be appropriate: Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de Couleur Libres

    Trumpeter Peter Evans (of MOPDTK) deserves more notice, I'd say.

    On the purely experimental side, Vanessa Rossetto is a wonderful composer working with field recordings and electronics, and improvises too I think. Not jazz-related enough though, I think.

    Mural is a nice improvising trio with a good record from a year and a half ago.
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    Hmm, I'm the last person to ask about whether something is jazz, and as I look through my folders I find that not a whole lot of what I've got could be described even antagonistically as jazz (and some of what I do have is older - I would definitely have suggested e.g. Decisions by Greg Davis and Stephen Hess, but it's from 2005 (time flies!), but here are a couple of thoughts:

    1. offthesky & juxta phona - !escape kit!.
    juxta phona and offthesky are two very different coins - the former contains beats and strange electronic rhythms and the latter is a melodic acoustic affair... the glue that holds these two together is mr. jason corder who plays vibraphone/guitar for the rag-a-muffin' acid jazzish trio known as juxta phona and who also headway's the progressive acoustic outfit offthesky.
    Give the first track a listen. Jason responds to emails.

    2. Ametsub is a bit less experimental/more accessible but definitely more jazzy in feel. The nothings of the north is a great album of somewhat jazzy glitchy stuff. He replies to emails via his website and has released his music to podcast sites such as Sgustok.

    3. How about something like "line (c)" from Nicolas Bernier's strings.lines (or anything from his courant.air, which is a magical album). Not sure if his stuff would be available. He's drawing from folk elements more really anyway - but there's something about the tight sense of timing on tracks like Bourrasques
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    Oh, hold on, what about this one (e.g. track 3):


    (new release) (There's this one too, track 1 is lovely)
    (I think it may have been Brighternow who put me on to this).
  • Wow, this is a great as I hoped it would be. I'll definitely be listening through this. I don't know how well it's been received, but I like scheduling all this weird shit on Saturday night.

    Thanks so much. I'll give you updates on correspondence. Also, this weekend, I'll be updating the AAJ dotd schedule thread for most of August.

    We've got a MOPDTK track running as the dotd on August 4th, and when they get back in town in about a month, me and Matthew Elliot are gonna talk about doing something with more MOPDTK tracks and some of their side projects, too.
  • INRE: Tangled Thoughts of Leaving

    Oooh, pretty. I'm gonna have to let my critical self catch up to my enthusiastic persona to be sure I can justify this, even on an experimental night, but, yes, very nice.
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    - Maybe these guys:

    Chimurenga Electroacoustic Ensemble

    - "The Chimurenga Electroacoustic Ensemble take the concept of large ensembles synonymous with jazz, gamelan and numerous other world genres and apply it within an electroacoustic setting. The group explores timbral subtleties and the threshold of hearing, while experimenting with phonography, microtonal music, rhythmic folk ballads, and free jazz."
    - Panospira.
  • - Another suggestion:

    August Engkilde: Bass, sampler and synth
    Simon Toldam: Piano
    Peter Bruun: Drums
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    Jonah, have you seen this one:
    It's filed at emusic under "classical vocal" but that seems wrong. The earlier EP with which is shares tracks was labelled Jazz and that seems closer to my ears, at least for a number of tracks. (Listening to the track "simplement" prompted me to post it here).
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