The Zombies

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Just saw this on emusic - a "50th anniversary" album that The Zombies just released last month.

The most interesting thing about this CD is that it is on the Red House Records label. Is that THE Red House Records? Does that mean Red House is testing the waters over at emusic? I sure was sad to see them leave a few years ago. Would be great to see them come back. I might even have to take up one of those re-join offers in that case.

(P.S. I've been away a while, so apologies if this has already been brought up.)


  • It would be great if Red House came back to eMu. I haven't been doing much exploring over there -- too focused on doing all the "prescribed" exercises, etc., to recover from total hip replacement. Doing great, by the way, using a cane, taking short walks, doing the things that help in regaining my energy.

    When they were last here I didn't get all the Greg Brown I wanted. Should have gotten a bonus pack, but I have now learned that if there is someone I really want, get the pack, download like crazy, because tomorrow they may disappear from the site. Red House has several other artists I have liked from way back - early 90s at least.
  • Best wishes on your continued recovery, Mommio. I'm glad to hear you're doing well.

    I, too, missed out on some Greg Brown downloads I wanted to get before Red House disappeared from eMusic. And I, too, have quite a few other favorite artists who are on that label. Eliza Gilkyson has a new album out on Red House now, as does Danny Schmidt, and Carrie Elkin. (Elkin is the female singer who does those wonderful 'hey-hey's' on Schmidt's song, Serpentine Cycle of Money. I was so impressed with that voice on hearing that song, I had to look her up.) Also Red House just released a new single called 'Mississippi' by Ray Bonneville that sounds great - can't wait for the full album. Many, many more...
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