Kamran Sadeghi (aka Son of Rose)

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"Kamran Sadeghi (aka Son of Rose) is an artist and composer who creates sensory environments at the intersection of sound, light, acoustics, and technology. Sadeghi draws from these elements to accentuate time and space, and to play with the awareness that can materialize between their physical properties and the human perception.

Sadeghi is mainly interested in sound for it's impermanence, non-object nature and structural integrity. His compositions are often marked with hyper magnification, stillness, unexpected shifts, and sharp punctuations that give way to an idea of drawing lines in space with sound.

Kamran Sadeghi's work has received critical acclaim in publications such as The Wire Magazine, Signal To Noise, e/i and several international online publications. He has shared the stage in performances with artists such as Richard Chartier, Fennesz, Akira Rabelais, Tim Hecker among other notables. Sadeghi’s performances, collaborations and installations have been experienced at the Henry Art Gallery (Seattle), ICA (Boston), Diapason Gallery (New York), 4Culture (Seattle), Staalplaat (Berlin), DTW (New York), Corcoran Gallery of Art (DC), RAM (Italy), SICMF (Korea) and others. Kamran Sadeghi currently lives and works in New York City.

"Divisions in Parallel, the third full length cd by Seattle’s Son of Rose (Kamran Sadeghi). On Divisions in Parallel we see Sadeghi depart from his previous palate of synthesis and altered recordings and find him exploring the world of electro-acoustics, paring digital processing and synthesis with a grand piano. Keeping in his purely improvised style, nothing here is studio trickery. Sadeghi dives head first (sometimes literally) into the tonal qualities of the piano, producing a shimmering, delicate and subtle world that is pleasantly diverse despite the tight parameters in which he works."
- Dragons Eye Recordings 2007
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