Joe Frawley

"Recurring dreams and repressed memories. Irrational fixations and secret desires. The rich underworld of the subconscious is the subject of Joe Frawley Music, which is as much its own singular genre, as it is an independent record label. With elements of dark ambient, classical Romanticism, sample-based sound collage and musique concrete, Joe Frawley's music resists categorization. Frawley's work has been described by listeners as "audio David Lynch", and "cinema for the ear"- apt phrases to describe the music's power to conjure haunting visual images, and stimulate the imagination."
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"I think it was... two years ago?, a year ago, I think, maybe. I went to kind of a carnival, and there were fortunetellers and psychics in these little booths and stuff. So, of course, I wanted to go get my fortune read, and, in one of the tents, one of the ladies told me I had some unknown, divine power that I hadn't discovered yet."

Piano, found sounds, synthesized sounds, electronic processing and arrangement, Joe Frawley.
Breathing and spoken French/English text, M


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    - Double post from the Clinical Archives thread (Feb 18th 2011):
    Joe Frawley (b. July 4, 1971) is a composer, pianist and visual artist working out of Norwich, Connecticut whose works blur the boundary between music and sound art. By layering and juxtaposing original piano music with processed found sounds, field recordings, and recontextualized speech fragments, the composer creates challenging yet accessible sound assemblages bearing a hypnotic dreamlike quality.

    - (ca330) (November 11, 2009)
    Joe Frawely, piano, found-sound processing, electronic effects, MIDI programming, & synthesized sounds. Music composed by Joe Frawley. Substantial musical appropriations are as follows: Hymn is an original reharmonization of the Baptist hymn tune "For the Beauty of the Earth" (Words: Folliot Pierpoint, 1864, Music: Conrad Kocher, 1838). Inquiry and Mistress of Ceremonies contain a sample created by acclivity on, used under Creative Commons license. Profana Sacra contains a mashup of portions of Sonata for Flute Viola and Harp, by Claude Debussy; and Agnus Dei from Mass in G by Francis Poulenc.
    ca330_01_front72.jpg - (ca195) (December 10, 2008)
    Joe Frawley Ensemble is:
    Rachel Rambach - singing, lungs, larynx, mouth sounds
    Greg Conte - guitars, electronic effects
    Joe Frawley - piano, Casiotone, found sounds, electronic processing & arrangement
    "An absurdist tragedy with erotic undertones, for voice, electronics, electric guitar, found sounds and piano."
  • o man! digging!!!
  • For anyone interested, Greg Conte has been stretching his legs in a new project, 9:55, that is in the same vein as Frawley's work.
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    Sounds fantastic ! - Thank you.

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    - More Greg Conte:

    Released 06 June 2009
    Rachel Rambach, voice. Greg Conte, pedal steel guitar & electric upright bass. Joe Frawley, piano, found sounds, synthesized sounds, electronic effects & arrangements. All music composed & performed by Joe Frawley Ensemble

    - Name your price @ Bandcamp.
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    One of Joe's earlier works has recently popped up on his Bandcamp page:

    Includes samples from Olivier Messiaen's "Turangalila-Symphonie", William Walton's "Passacaglia (Death Of Falstaff)", and Earl Kim's "Ophelia" from "Where Grief Slumbers".

    - “Who in the rainbow can draw the line where the violet tint ends and the orange tint begins? Distinctly we see the difference of the colors, but where exactly does the one first blendingly enter into the other? So with sanity and insanity.”
    - Herman Melville
  • Glad to see these free or NYOP albums from Frawley. Great soundscape type ambient, more of an experience than music. I have bought a couple of his CDs via bandcamp, he makes interesting covers for them.
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    Joe Frawley, piano and sound collage
    Greg Conte, guitars and electronics, cymbals
    Melanie Skriabine, vocals
    Additional vocals by Rachel Rambach
    - "Composition, found sound arrangement and electronic treatment by Joe Frawley, with additional musical improvisations from Conte and Skriabine."

    - "Somewhat more experimental in nature with it’s cut and paste dialogue, filmic references, and unsettling yet melodic David Lynchian undertones and atmospheres, Joe’s album takes Time Released Sound in a slightly off kilter direction….to a somewhat darker and more mysterious place."

    - Time Released Sound.
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    News from Mr. Frawley @ Bandcamp:
    released 01 February 2013

    Michelle Cross: voice and piano
    Joe Frawley: sound collage, electronic treatment & arrangement, piano on tracks 7 & 11
    Win Ridabock: flutes
    Tracey Kroll: electronic percussion on track 5

    "Dolls have the unintended ability to evoke in us a special brand of melancholy. But dolls don't breath or wake or rise except under the most unnatural and emotional of conditions. Dolls Come To Life, the disturbingly beautiful collaboration between Chicago singer/songwriter Michelle Cross and experimental composer/sound collage artist Joe Frawley, explores in sometimes direct, sometimes abstract fashion this unsettling what-if scenario. . . ."
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    Out today:
    Dolls Come To Life - The Groundskeeper's Daughter

    Michelle Cross, voice and piano
    Joe Frawley, sound collage, piano, effects
    Greg Conte, ghost guitar on tracks 3, 6 and 9
    Win Ridabock, flute on tracks 5 and 11
    Alex Greene, spoken word samples on tracks 3 & 7
    Har, ambient guitar on track 8

    - ". . . . . Their new album, The Groundskeeper's Daughter, pushes further into uncharted territory of song and soundscape. A non-linear story emerges, in which the image of a garden is central. An inner awakening? Memories of an ancient trauma? A young girl coming of age among the topiary, the ivy, the hidden paths? There are ghosts in the garden, of that we are sure. Or are the events merely the disappearing ink of a fast fading dream? Whatever interpretation the listener may arrive at, The Groundskeeper's Daughter will certainly haunt you."
  •  A week of fevers cover art.
    releases 01 April 2015 
    Joe Frawley, piano and sound collage. 
    - "Includes samples and interpretations of the following songs: "Molly" written by Steve Karliski ©1962, EMI; "Meet Me In My Dreams To-Night", music by Horatio Nicholls, words by Jos. Geo. Gilbert, ©1930, The Lawrence Wright Music Co.; "I've Heard That Song Before" music by Jule Styne and lyrics by Sammy Cahn, ©1942, Imagem Music LLC O.B.O. Cahn Music, Morley Music Co. Inc. 

    All other music composed by Joe Frawley. 

    Some voice samples from Chawner Family reel-to-reel tape recordings, public domain; others courtesy of J.C, found cassette tapes and reel-to-reels, private collection. 

    Track 8 singing by Michelle Cross. "   
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    As mentioned by @Plong42 ; on the "marmelade" thread, out today as "name your price" :

    JF: piano, xylophones, violin, voice, harmonica, gong, field recordings, electronic processing and arrangement. Vocals by Michelle Cross.

    - Generally a bit too peaceful for my taste, but there's some really excellent tracks.

  • Frawley's latest is the most mainstream he has done. Very little vocals and discovered sounds. More in the vein of Goldmund, ambient piano sounding less like the background track of a horror film. Worth streaming at the very least. 
  • Thanks for the heads up BN, looking forward to hearing this in full

  • Just in:

    Joe Frawley - Piano (prepared)
    Greg Conte - Guitar (prepared), electronics

    Recorded live at The Harkness Chapel, 3-20-2017

  • httpsf4bcbitscomimga2340860333_14jpg  
    Released October 7, 2017

    Joe Frawley: piano, prepared piano, MIDI keyboard, marimba, harmonica, field recordings, found sounds, electronic manipulation and arrangement.
    Greg Conte: electric guitar, prepared electric guitar, amplified bass kalimba, electronic effects.
    Michelle Cross: vocal on 'Identity Rift'.
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