Richard (Dickie) Landry

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"Richard (Dickie) Landry Saxophonist/Composer/Artist Born and raised info Cecilia, Louisiana, Mr. Landry has performed his solo tenor saxophone works in major venues in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Cuba, Haiti, South America, India, and Japan. Besides his solo work, Mr. Landry has performed and collaborated with other composers, musicians, artists, theatre directors and choreographers including, Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, David Bryne, Robert Plant, Robert Wilson, Keith Sonnier, Richard Serra, Lawrence Weiner, Robert Rauschenberg Gordon Matta-Clark and Trisha Brown. His return to Lafayette, Louisiana has him performing with the All Star Legendary Swamp Pop group, Lil Band o’ Gold and the Creole Reggae group, True Man Posse. Mr. Landry’s paintings, videos, photographs and drawings have been shown in galleries and museums around the world. Most notably, Leo Castelli Gallery, Whitney Museum, Los Angeles County Museum, Texas Gallery, San Francisco Museum of Art, Basel Art Fair, New Orleans Museum of Fine Arts and Arthur Rogers Gallery to name a few."
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From todays freshly ripped @ Emusic:
"First ever CD and limited edition LP* reissue of this little known classic from founding Philip Glass Ensemble member Richard “Dickie” Landry. Following two jazz LPs issued on the Chatham Square label (which he co-ran), Dickie Landry released Fifteen Saxophones, a set of 1974 recordings done with engineer Kurt Munkacsi, on the Northern Lights and Wergo labels in 1978. Fifteen Saxophones simultaneously demonstrates Landry’s boundary-pushing saxophone and his understanding of the minimalists’ long-form treatises on sound. Using intricate Revox tape delays on “Fifteen Saxophones”, “Alto Flute Quad Delay” and the side-long live document “Kitchen Solos”, Landry’s strong personality as a player shines through a brilliant wall of sound. It is unsurprising Landry was a fixture in the same New York scene that spawned artists like Richard Serra – something equally monumental exists in the pieces found on this album."
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- Also available for stream and purchase @ Bandcamp.

- My Two cents: Mindblowing sax playing !


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