Roma di Luna's newest album

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300x300.jpg]Then the Morning Comes by Roma di Luna

Well, well - I guess the grass is always greener on the other side...

I didn't notice until today that emusic has this latest album by Roma di Luna, released in October 2010. It completely escaped my notice at the time, but once discovering it, I had to have it. Bought it somewhere else for $8.99 (Bandcamp has it for $8), but emusic's price is $4.90 - the best $4.90 you could ever spend, in my opinion.

I've always had a soft spot for this band, but this latest recording, consisting of a more fleshed-out band with the addition of a sax and trumpet, is beyond my high expectations. Oooo-eee - this is a great, great, great release. The tracks "Hey Lover," and "Before I Die" are particularly great, but the entire disk is just outstanding.

Reviews here and here.

emusic link

(P.S. I also just noticed they came out with a Christmas album in 2010. Will have to try and remember that come holiday season.)
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