Fascinating band I was introduced to last night: Buke and Gass

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So last night I went to see The National here in town and they were great (as expected). Slightly less expected was how great the opener was. The band is Buke and Gass. They are a duo that play all homemade instruments and use homemade amps. The female lead singer plays a "Buke" which is a modified baritone ukelele that has had a couple strings added, and she wears bells on her ankle so when she stomps they ring. The male member plays a "Gass" which is a guitar modified to add two bass strings. He also plays a kick drum that has had a snare and a tamborine mounted inside it so when he hits the drum they all ring.

It sounds crazy, and it is, but it is also fascinatingly awesome. I picked up their CD and it is as good as the show was, so I highly recommend checking them. They said last night was their first show outside of New York state, but they are in Milwaukee with the National tonight and playing somewhere in Chicago on Saturday.



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    They were at First Ave huh? Damn, I have to start going to concerts again. I used to go ther about once a month, but probably haven't been to a concert there for around 2 years. I think the last two were Spoon and the New Pornographers.

    Do you actually live in the Cities, or out a bit? I myself am dead center - First Ave is a 10 minute walk by foot.
  • I'm in St. Paul proper (Como Park neighborhood). If I was 10 minutes by foot from First Ave I'd probably be there on at least a weekly basis!

    As it is, I try and get to a show somewhere every couple of months or so, but have been doing a bit more than that recently. Up next is Young Dubliners, Drop Kick Murphys, and others at the Irish Fair in a few weeks.

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    It's interesting how two of the least popular and most reactionary posters currently on the eMu boards (if they are two separate people) are also from MN. Both are from outside the cities, which doesn't surprise me. Once you get outside of the Hennepin and Ramsey counties, you tend to get more conservative minded people who love their Rush (and I don't mean the group) just as much as anyone from Bismarck or Oklahoma City. Who knows, they might not be bad guys in person, but they do seem to have stirred up the pot and riled up several of the regulars

    Sometimes I feel like we're the Austin of the North.
  • I certainly can't vouch for Wanderer, but I'd count Raymond as a friend. He is just is very opinionated and comes off badly sometimes online, but is definitely a good guy. Not sure of his politics, but from what I know about him I don't think he'd be much of a Rush fan. They are definitely around though. My parents live in the 6th District and my mom volunteered a ton for Tinklenberg and Wetterling before that, but there are just a few too many wackos who vote for the ultimate wacko.

    She's going down in 2010 though.

  • So this Tiny Desk Concert came upon my feed reader and I was absolutely fascinated by the sound. The name sounded familiar and after a quick search I realize I should have paid more attention to your rec, Craig. Although rather disappointed by eMordac offering their current album for $7.60 (which they claim is a "deal"), I checked out their bandcamp page to find a free track and their previous self-release for $6.75 (I'm thinking I'll start opening my wallet more for the direct from artist purchases).
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