End My Pain: A Forum Q&A, for when Google just isn't good enough

I need a couple names of Pitchfork/NME type sites. Don't have to be physical mags. Definitely ones that focus on the Indie scene.

Music Moguls. LA Reid doesn't suit my purposes. If Bruce Springsteen were a young up-and-comer today, what big time producer/label owner/mogul would be trying to get him to sign on a dotted line.

That's it for now.
Thank you.


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    Does anybody still see the dinosaur themed flavors of Kool-Aid in stores these days? You know, like Purplesaurus Rex.
  • I kinda like The Big Takeover... that's also a print magazine, and you often see Jack Rabid's album reviews (he's the editor/publisher) on eMu and other sites. He's been at it since the early 80's - amazing that he's still doing it, but I'm glad he is.
  • I frequent Stereogum which is great for free downloads of up and comers in the standard "indie" realm, and self-titled mag which I use more for the harder side of "indie".

    As for Springsteen...it's tough to pigeon hole him with the current bigger producer/labels. This is partly because it's hard for me to disassociate Springsteen from my preconceived notions of him (sorry folks, I'm just not a fan). Maybe a Matador or Merge where there is more guitar than on some of the others. I'm sure Rick Rubin would want to produce him, Steve Albini would not.

    I don't look at the Kool-Aid flavors, so can't say if there are still any dinosaur ones.

  • @Doofy

    I needed help with naming other (lesser) beings than I, the Mighty Pitchfork.


    Thank you for your responses.

    I think on the mogul thing, I'm gonna go with Tommy Mottola. He actually developed Springsteen (according to Wiki). Rick Rubin is already getting used, but as a producer name. I need some executives. I realize, now, that the term music mogul incorporates all types of positions in the hierarchy.

    I'm going with the dinosaur kool-aid, even though it's looking increasingly like it's been discontinued.

    I'll take a closer look at those sites, but they all look like they'll suit my purposes just fine.

  • Anyone here live in New York?

    I need the name of a club. A trendy one, exclusive, celebs like to hang. One where Lohan and DiCaprio would be seen smooching in a VIP section, that kind of thing.

    Right now I'm looking at Tenjune and Avenue, but it's so hard separating the fact from the hype on these places online, so neither of those might be acceptable.
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    Le Poisson Rouge used to get namedropped by 17dotters a lot, but that was like a year ago, so it's probably abandoned by now. (I live way way upstate so don't have any real knowledge).
  • @jonahpwll, maybe trawling the Gothamist would help? That said, I'm the last person in the world who knows where anything trendy would be...
  • @AC

    Bowery is good. I've already got that lined up for something else.


    That Gothamist looks pretty neat at first blush. Looking through it now.
  • Used to catch the occasional celebrity across the river at Maxwell's - but no one is willing to admit that they came over to NJ to catch a show.

    If you want to know what the hipsters are up to in NYC, make sure to check in with Brooklyn Vegan. If you want to know where the celebs are prepping for rehab stints, check with TMZ. Lindsay Lohan, for example, was last spotted "not drinking" at 1OAK (which was described as "super high end").

    Although I'm glad amclark2 reminded me about LPR - gotta get tix for Lightning Bolt next month!
  • @Thom

    1OAK is a winner! Gah, I was going about my searches all wrong. I totally should've hit a site like TMZ. Smart, smart, smart. I will pass your intuitiveness along to Pitchfork. I am sure he will see to reward you with a new favorite album to fawn over.
  • Is PopMatters.com a big deal? Should I be interested if they're interested in me?
  • Line of Best Fit in the UK is a really good site, not too sniffy about new bands
  • Okay, I'm trying to remember a trumpet player's name. Here's what I can remember.

    -I featured a track from each of his two albums as the AAJ download of the day.
    -One of those albums was awash in blue, the other was awash in red.
    -Those albums were probably released in 2012, but they could've been 2011 releases that I featured in 2012.
    -One of the album titles either had a phrase something like "Bird on a Wire" or maybe it was called something else, but the album art featured an image of a bird on a wire.
    -He had a very serene sound, though not like in an ECM Nordic Jazz kind of way. More like Matthew Halsall.
    -At the time, he was on the Brooklyn scene. He may or may not still be there.
    -He performed with saxophonist Jeremy Udden, but I don't believe they ever recorded together.
    -His name is NOT Marc Carey (who is, actually, a fine jazz pianist), but for some reason, when I try remembering this dude's name, Marc Carey comes to mind. Which means, the way my mind works, that M and C are part of his name or something similar to Marc or Carey in his first or last name. It is possible, however, that nothing about the trumpet player's name resembles the name Marc Carey in the slightest. On second thought, I probably shouldn't even have mentioned it.

  • The answer is Jon Crowley.

    I knew that would happen.
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