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Here's a new favorite of mine...

DoF - a folk-electronica mix. Lots of banjo with acoustic guitar and various percussion, electronic and (maybe) non. Mostly instrumental with the occasional vocal. Reminds me a bit of (crap, can't quite remember the name) Filfla? Filofla? I think Germanprof rec'd it on this site, but I probably got that wrong, too, lol.

DoF has a bunch of albums, four of which are on emu. He doesn't appear to have a Bandcamp page.

333.jpg 1218398696_r-328778-1096380472.jpg 89970.jpg 150.jpg

When things turn around for me, I'm pretty much ready to buy a booster pack and use it entirely on everything he has on emu. Unfortunately, one of the albums I really want isn't there, but I guess that's my problem, no sense in posting that here. Oops! Already hit submit!

Here's his myspace page, with lots of listening...


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    I enjoyed Sun, Strength and Shield - opening track remains my favorite. Seem to remember I maybe got a couple of DoF albums on Amie for not very much. While you wait for booster day, there's a free album of his on the archive (though it's more pensive than the recent releases):
    DoF - A Year in Waiting

    And yes, it was FilFla :-)

    Another in this 'folktronica' vein that I've enjoyed and would recommend is

    This is... Tunng: Mother's Daughter and other Tales by Tunng
  • Also from Tunng is


    And Then We Saw Land - a favourite of mine. I shall look up this is... tunng, thanks germanprof
  • Ooh, I'm gonna be really pissed if I missed the boat on picking up DoF on Amie for cheap.

    Tunng has been sitting in my Amie and Emu sfl buckets forever. I just won't pull the trigger on it.
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