Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, etc.

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So when I saw the Coachella lineup, I once again cursed my luck being stuck in NJ. There are no big festivals out here. They did 1 or 2 shortly after my little girl was born, which meant I didn't get to go, and then promptly stopped. Anyway, since I just don't get to see much live music these days, I'm thinking road trip. Most likely Bonnaroo, but potentially Lollapalooza.

Is anyone else going to any of the big music festivals?


  • Does the Chicago Jazz Fest count? We'll likely drive up for that again, this year.

    There's one in Louisville that's kinda big, not on a Lolla-Bonaroo level, but the Flaming Lips and Pavement and some other bands played it last year. Crap, can't remember what it's called. Held right there on the river. We might go to that this year too. Pitchfork's festival in Chicago is another possibility, depending on the line-up.

    But not Bonaroo or Lollapalooza. I would like to go to Coachella one year, but most of the years I would like to attend would require a time machine. Not sure at my age I feel like dealing with the crowds anymore. I don't expect a big piece of lawn at an outdoor festival, but I do expect kids to stay the hell off of it. Respect my personal space, yeah?
  • I welcome all kinds!

    I'm kind of putting this out there hoping that if people are going to the same festivals we can maybe meet up. I forgot about P4K's festival, and that might be an alternative if the first 2 don't work out.
  • The last festival I went to was Victoriaville FIMAV in 2004, as a last hurrah before my firstborn arrived. Had a great time, an avant-garde jazz and improv fest, with the shows all staggered so you could see everything sequentially. Great time hanging out with like-minded people listening and talking about the music. In theory, one of these big indie rock festivals is very attractive, but as Jonah notes, just might require a younger frame of mind and energy level than this 42 y.o. has.
  • I don't go to these for a number of reasons, but I got goose bumps this morning when I read in the newspaper the name of one of the bands slated for Bonnaroo this year: Buffalo Springfield. It's only been, what, 43 years?
  • I'd love to hit up Lala or P4K. Not sure I could swing it moneywise with the tike, though.

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